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Trapped wind!

Has anyone had really bad trapped wind while they are pregnant?
I've got the most horrendous pain in my right side and my back....around where my ribs are. I was literally screaming with the pain last night and being sick with it too. My tummy was tightening so I went to the hospital in the early hours of the morning to get checked out and the baby is fine image
The pain went away but its now come back this afternoon and I'm in absolute agony. The only thing I can think it is is trapped wind as it hurts more when I breathe...and I obviously cnt stop breathing ha!
Has any one had this and how do I get rid of it? Please help me. I've tried paracetamol, antacid tablets and a hot water bottle and nothing has worked!

Love Kimmy



  • Mints!!!!

    I'll stand over here if thats ok with you Kimmy
    *moves a safe distance in case Kimmy blows* lol
    Sorry hun xx
  • Try Rennies or plain old mints. Works wonders for me really quickly when I have the same problem.:\)
  • Peppermint!!! If i bend over it usually brings it up too along with my dinner usually.

    Hope you manage to pass it and feel better.
  • Hey - Gatecrashing from planning a baby.........I suffer from IBS and get trapped wind as part of my symptons. The only thing that helps me out is to have a belly massage (not sure on how safe this is during pregnancy obviously), peppermint tea and a good lie down.....Also, in opposite to the lie-down, sometimes if it's not too bad, a long walk will help me but I generally never feel up to it.
    Perhaps also ask your OH to rub your back (almost like burping a baby (works for me LOL)

    Good Luck x
  • ooohhh i forgot about being winded too good thinking MrsN2b OH is always having to do this when we go to bed and masssages my lower back too bless. Try anything hun to get it out.
  • Also - avoid certain foods that are known to bloat/encourage trapped wind.....I avoid beans and apples like the plague (too much fresh fruit gives me trapped air).
    Hope you feel better soon image

  • I had it really bad once and thought I was going to explode. I had lots of gaviscon and eventually it went away. I'd had pasta that evening so now I try to avoid anythig like that and eat really small meals as im so scared of it happening again.

  • Peppermint or mint tea and lots of moving around, even though it hurts. One day I was doubled up in the bathroom convinced I was having a heart attack, I was just about to call 999 when I burped - what joy! I'm not sure how safe a hot water bottle is on the bump..
  • Thanku so much for all your comments
  • I logged on especially to look for info or post about this. I have been really uncomfortable since yesterday.

    Completely forgot to try peppermint tea, kettle going on now. :\)

    I can't believe how sore it has been, I couldn't get comfy last night at all. I think my tummy is having a wee growth spurt this week- I feel kind of heavy and bloated too.

    Fingers crossed the tea helps!




  • My OH burped me lastnight like a baby and it helped but im still hurting just not as bad as yesterday. I was literally crying my eyes out in agony and couldn't move.
  • Peppermint cordial, ginger ale and carrot juice help trapped wind. How are yr bowels? Are you going to the toilet. If its been a good couple of days since you been I recommend a trip to out of hours doctor. Just incase you got a blockage or something. Xx
  • Hi ladies, I also have had the worst pains due to trapped wind. Seriously the other day I could hardly walk! It was horrible image
  • I'm seven wekes pregnant and have the worst trapped wind, doc told me to sit on loo and rock! This dislodges any trapped air, I'm up 2/3 times in night with pains in tummy. am hoping it won't be for the whole 9 months...????

  • I have been in agony all night and all morning with trapped wind. Thankfully it is easing off after a walk down to my local shops

  • Sounds like it was your gallbladder???

  • Oh My! every morning I woke up at 3 in the morning to pass gas. was so annoying!

    But even then I couldn't pass it as it was trapped. :/ 

    I had my galbladder removed this year, the pain is hideous. 

    My pain always started in my ribs, a crushing sensation that would not pass, (this might sound disgusting) but when trying to break wind, I couldn't.

    So the ribs start to crush and the breathing gets more difficult, then that's when the pain kicks in, the stomach feels like it is being stabbed over and over and it goes over to the side of your back, like the middle of your spine/shoulders and mine was on the right side, a Backache that would not shift at all, I often asked people to hit me in the back, because the pain was just too awful, sitting/standing for only a few minutes actually killed me, and walking (well that's another story) 

    After I had my gallbladder out and lost a lot of weight, I finally fell pregnant, after being told when I was 20 that I had pcos. 39 and due with my 1st in april 2018

    Anyways I would seriously consider going to your GP. as having gallstones and being pregnant would actually be flipping awful. even if it's to check or have a scan, at least your mind will be at ease! 

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