33+3 early labour pains

hi all, went to hospital yesterday after i had pains i thought i may be labour. this is my second baby but i feel a bit of a fraud as i was induced last time and never experienced early labour. i tried to explain to midwife and doctor that these pains were worse than brackston hicks but not very painful more uncomfortable. i said it feels the same as when i had the prostin gel to start labour off last time. they examined me and said baby had dropped even lower and was engaged 2/5 but i was measuring 35 weeks. (dates accurate as had SIUI) although i had dilated at the bottom of my cervix and it had shortened and thinned out it was still closed at the neck of the womb so baby still snug, they then took a swab. i forgot to ask what for. does anyone know?. my contractions had eased off while i was on monitor but since leaving they came back and over night had more plus some mild lower back ache, i also feel like babys head is really pushing down. had a show over past 5 days too. so somethings happening but i don't want to go back today incase they think i'm over reacting to brackston hicks. i honestly think something is happening but it's very very slow, but i think because i've got a high pain threshold i'm not able to feel the early labour contractions as pain. any thoughts?


  • Hello! I'm 31+6 with my first and have never even experienced braxton hicks so I'm not sure personally, but it does sound like things are happening for you. 2/5 is almost fully engaged & if you're losing your show you should go in and get checked. Don't feel like you're time wasting - they would rather you go in and get checked then sit at home worrying even if its nothing. xxx
  • They say if you have a show before 37 weeks you should go in and get checked out. The swab might have been to check for any leak of waters? I had that at 34 weeks.

    Good luck.
  • Hiya - I was in yesterday for possible leaking waters and they swabbed me - they said it was to look for various infections including GBS and that I'd get the results through my gp! I was contracting every few mins but didn't even feel most of them - and they weren't at all worried as they were only little ones and therefore were just BH. They told me if I experienced the same thing again to go back in - they were lovely and I think they'd prefer if you were safe rather than sorry - just give them a ring hun, I'm glad I did - I don't have to be at home worrying now! xxx
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