pain on the left side- need some advice

Hi girls, hope you're all fine, I just want to ask you for some advice. I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant and from time to time I get a weird pain on the left side of my lower belly. It always starts suddenly and last for 5-10 mins, it's a very strong and kind of numb pain, it feels like something is pulling me inside. And it's always in the same place, on the left side.. I don't know if this is normal...I'm just very worried... Maybe one of you've had it? Help..


  • hi, congratulations, i think you will find that it is your uterus stretching. i have been having wot sounds like the same. and have spoke about it to friends x
  • Hi, thank you for reply image I try to convince myself that this is my uterus streching but sometimes this pain is really so strong. I have my scan very soon so Im gonna ask about it too.

    Keep well x
  • I have the same thing, lower left side and really quite painful sometimes.

    It's completely normal though so don't worry.

  • well keep us informed.
    all the best x
  • Thank you Tequila79, you made me feel better image
  • Louise, thank you! It so good to hear from you girls that there's nothing to be worried about, maybe I just panic too much as this is my first pregnancy and I don't know what's ok and what's not...

    Lots of hugs for you all and your bellies xxx
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