not sure how i feel - need some kind words!!

Hi, i'm due my 5th baby in march and i'm now 18wks today. I have a duaghter from a past relationship and my partner also had 3 girls when we met. We have 3 gorgeous boys together and have just found out this wk that i'm due another boy!

I had it in my head more than ever that this one was a girl and it would be my last and then when i found out he was a boy i was ok but now i'm not bothered and i'm not sure how i feel towards the baby. I don't mean in a horrible way but i've got it in my head now that i want to try for another as soon as i'm ready after this one in the hope for a girl. If this baby was a girl it was going to be my last and i had sort of planned what i was going to do with my life after but now it's completely changed.
I don't hate this baby or anything but it's as though i'm thinking oh well i've got 3 boys and i know whats to come and it all seems so boring and i don't feel as excited as i think i should be. not sure if this is making any sense! lol
Just wondered is this just hormones and disappointment or am i being selfish?

I haven't mentioned anything to other half but he does know that i want more now! I purposely wanted to find out the sex incase it was a boy so that if i (touch wood) had pnd after the birth i wouldn't resent him etc and it gives me time to get used to the idea.


  • oh hunni bless u its probably your hormones added to it that doesnt help either , i have a little boy and everyone keeps saying ooh you are having a girl this time, we couldnt see on the scan so were not going to find out now and i dont mind either way but i have had 2 dreams that its a boy and i woke up crying cos i wanted a girl , i think its my sub concience (spelling!!)and deep down i would like a girl ,im sure when u have time to get used to it you will be happy and you will love your little man when he is here , i suppose u could try for a girl but there is never any guarantees eh !!hope u feel a bit better soon x x x x x x x
  • hi hun i know you prob already heard this line all that matters is you have a lovely healthy baby on the way. its prob mixed bag of hormones and feeling convinced it was girl it was meant to be hun. i been trying for baby for 2 years nearly with loss of 3 babys and would love just one baby. feel lucky and blessed hun x pregnancy hormones can do strange things to a women. x x
  • I felt disappointed that we were having a girl this time.
    We have two girls and a boy, and another boy would have pleased the symmetrical perfectionist in me!

    But, it wasnt to be and now I am quite glad it's a girl. It has taken til 36 weeks to get used to it though- so give it time.
    To be honest, the fact that we couldnt guarantee the sex was the reason why we didnt plan anymore babies but this one happened and we will be happy as long as its healthy.
  • hi michelle i can kind of c where ur coming from i hav 4 boys and wiv my last i was sure he was a girl coz everything woz sooo diffrent . so when i had my scan and found out it woz another boy i was upset and even cried and the nurse ad 2 ask if i woz ok(how bad is that) but once it sunk in i woz ok !and he is the most perfect lil boy and sooo good !! im sure u wil b fine and ur hormones wont help!!lol! try not 2 beat urself up about it all coz it just makes everything 10 times worse!!
    big hugs!!
    luv clare.x.
  • aaw hun, i know how you feel, we have a little girl and i desperately want to have a boy so that we have one of each, because hubby is adamant that this is gonna be the last one and he doesnt want more than two, but if it is another little girl i will feel disappointed that we do not have a little boy. i know i sound so selfish and that all that matters is the baby is healthy but i am dreading going for my 20 week scan in case they tell me its another girl!! i really do want this baby and i am ashamed of myself saying all this, and i know when its born i wont care but i really do hope its a boy.

    Nina 13+5 xx
  • hi
    i know how u feel too.i have 3 boys and 2 girls and pregnant with twin boys,i cried when i was told it was 2 boys as i had told my self 1 of each wud b perfect.

    im almost 30 weeks and starting to get used to the idea,it does tend to get easier.

    mandy x
  • Hi All

    I completely understand how you all feel, those with children already and those who haven't yet had any!

    I had our 20 week scan a few weeks ago and found out it was a boy, and i have two boys already, and a step son who lives with us. We were sure that it was going to be a girl, and i think that everyone around us assumed we were desperate for a girl. However, having had 3 previous mc, i was just delighted that the baby seemed fine.

    The strange thing was, was that 3 days after finding out it was a boy, i just cried all day, and i wasnt even sure what i was crying about! I think now that it was a kind of 3 day baby blue feeling, whereby the reality of having a baby kicked in. Since then, we have named our little boy and i am just having a ball going out and buying stuff for him.

    The idea of having a daughter seems a long long distant memory and i am really excited about having and meeting our baby.

    I hope that you all have healthly pregnancies and its not a bad thing to feel 'disappointed' when you find out the sex, it justs confirms your future sooner rather than later!

    All the very very best

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