bruises -

does anyone else seem to bruise more easily ?

me and my OH was having a little pillow fight and he grabbed my boob ( which is what you would expect from a male - they cant play nicely =P ) he didnt even grab it that hard and now i have the biggest bruise on it - it looks gross like a big massive love bite its so puple and dark red =/ . i hope this is just a one off im so clumsy that i always bang into things and get little bruises i hope they dont all go like the one i just got. xxx


  • Hey Jemma,

    Dont worry honey!! I seem to bruise more easily now!! I keep seeing bruises and thinkin ------- Where did that come from?? Haha, I never usually get them either!! Im not sure what it is but im pretty sure its nothing to worry about!!

  • maybe i will just tape pillows all over my body LOL i dont fancy walking round looking like im a massive love bite =D
  • yes i bruise more easily the slightest knock n thats it lol xx
  • funny I have bruises in my legs and hips and cant remember hurting them. Glad Im not alone.
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