Baby first aid courses??

Hi everyone.

Just wondering, Me and OH are planning on doing a first aid course for children before baby comes hopefully! Just wondering if anyone knows where we can look for one or what would be the best one etc? We live in Rutland and work in Peterborough.

Thanks Sam 28 Weeks 2moro!!!



  • I think Tesco were running free courses for parents - might be worth googling it? (i would, but have very limited net access atm!)

    We got taught some baby first aid at the antenatal classes, so may be worth checking with your hospital to see if it's the same where you are?
  • Hi,

    I did one with St Andrew's Ambulance in Scotland, but I think the red cross and St John's Ambulance would do similar. Look on their main websites to get your local contact, and they can book you onto a course. Mine was one day and cost about ??40 I think. There were a few expectant couples there as well and teachers/nannies.
  • I had thought about this too and am going to do a course with St Johns ambulance if I can.

    Bec 31 weeks today x
  • Oh ok thanks everyone i think i will ask my MW on tuesday see if we get one after baby or anything. Thanks for the replies xxx
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