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Hi everyone! Ive heard that if the parents were big babies then the baby will be, But ive also heard of people who were big babys themselves having not so big babys! Im only 13 weeks so havnt had any scans to tell me or anything yet.
I was about 7 pounds born and my partner was 10 pound 4, i was just wondering what peoples past experiences were with their children?


  • I was 7lb12 born.Don't know what my partner was.I've had a 5lb 3.5oz,6lb11 and 7lb2 babies.The smallest was 1st,the largest 2nd and middle one 3rd.So my 4th could be anything!!
  • Hi,

    Great post! I have often wondered this.
    I was 7lb 6oz when I was born but hubby is adopted so we have no idea what he was when he was born. 12lbs knowing my luck!!!

    I don't know if you can count it as my dad was premature but my Mum was 6lb and my Dad was 2lb 1oz and my little brother was 9lb 6oz!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm desperate to know a guestimate of what my baby will be!

    Amy 33+4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hiya
    really dont know if this helps at all.. but i know my parents birth weights, my mum weighed exactly 5lb and my dad (homebirth) weighed 10lb 1oz. my mum then went on to have... me (2 wks early @ 7lb 4oz) my sis (early @ 8lb 12oz) and my twin brothers (c sec - 7lb 6oz and 7lb 8oz - HUGE for twins eh!?)
    see i wanted to find out what my babys weight would be so i been askin all these questions to my mum - we had the birth records out and everything! ha!
    my oh weighed 7lb 6oz and we got told at my last scan that they expect our baby to weigh between 7-8lb at 40wks. so we'll see!!
    have you been told the approx weight at any of your scans?

    gem xxx
    27 +1
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