Leg Pain


For the last few days i've had what i can only describe as a numb right leg with aches in my calf and ankle.

Has anyone else experienced this, or even any ideas what it might be?



  • how far are u? sounds like it cld be sciatica, definately worth getting it checked out with ur MW or GP.




  • That defiantly sounds like sciatica! i've had it a few times b4 pregnant! it is a very strange feeling one of my legs went numb with the aching from bum to toes! all i can suggest is rest from experience! hope it eases for you soon!!xx;\)
  • Thank you ladies, I'm only 9+6 so I hope it doesn't get worse as i get bigger. I will book an appointment to see the doctor next week, as i don't see the MW for another few weeks.
  • i keep getting it in my right butt cheek..it comes and goes and when it comes it really hurts and i can barely walk but it soon passes...just hope it doesnt get any worse.
  • I have had it twice b4 pregnant but i'm 17+4 and have had no sign so far my mw just warned me to just be aware when lifting and carrying, so far i'm fine (touch wood).
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