no symptoms and BFP????

hi girls,

im just popping over from ttc...i was just wondering if any of you lucky ladies got your BFP without having any pregnancy symptoms? im 7DPO but not having any symptoms so dont think we have done it this month :\( i know most people get sore boobs, sickness, tiredness, change in apitite, abdo pain or getting nothing. AF due between mon 19th-thurs 22nd.

hope all is well with your bumps.

ashy x


  • i didn't have a single symptom, i only even tested because AF was a week late. it was strange tho because altho we weren't ttc OH kept saying a week before AF was due that he thought i might be pregnant, but without any symptoms i have no idea how he managed that lol

  • I had none at all, in fact I had more when af was coming than when I fell pregnant. The only thing I noticed was I was falling asleep about 8 ish.

    Good luck hun

    K xx

  • Good luck Ashy.

    It may just be too early for you to have symptoms or you might not get any at all! Fingers crossed for your BFP x
  • I didn't have any symptoms, either. Good luck!
  • I didnt have any symptoms either - only knew because I was late! x
  • thank you girls thats made me fell more positive!!!!! do you think i should wait till monday to test? i will be 11 DPO then and on CD28... i OV'd on CD16 this month...last month OV'd on CD 12 and AF arrived on CD 27...what you think?

    really hoping to join you in the pregnancy forum this month image

    ashy xxx
  • If AF arrived on CD27 then your last cycle was 26 days long and that was really CD1...

    If your luteal phase is usually 14/15 days testing at 11dpo might be too early so I would wait until the middle of next week.

    Fingers crossed for you x
  • thanks goonie i will try to hold out until tues/weds although i cant promise! please keep your fingers crossed for me! i desperatly want this to be our month as we fell preg in july but i had a mmc in sept and this is month 4 after our mc! send me tonnes of sticky baby dust pppplllleeeaaasssseeee

    ashy xxx
  • I will send you millions! I remember your story and really hope you get your BFP soon, I hope its a super duper sticky one x
  • no symptons apart from getting sore boobs the day after af was due and then a day after that started weeing more.

  • thanks girls. awww that nice that you remember my story goonie! good luck with your pregnancies i hope thay are all going really well. will let you know if i get my BFP

    ashy xxx
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