Help - bad veins in feet and legs

Hi Ladies

At my midwife appointment last week, I showed her my feet as ive got purple veins appearing on the tops of my feet and around my ankles.
She kind of brushed it off and just said i need support tights and to walk around every 30 mins as I do a desk job.

I dont mean to sound stupid, but ive never worn tights - i really hate them!
Plus, because I am tall I either find I get them so big they fall down or not big enough they sag.

But anyway, what im wondering is if there is any way I can help it.
Do you think exercise would work?

Anyone else had issues with this?
They are starting to ach and feel uncomfortable!


  • Thanks for the tip.
    Unlucky us!
    I have been so lucky so far, so I guess I had to get something!
    I just get frustrated when there is nothing I can do to help!
    Is it dangerous in any way do you know?

    22weeks today!
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