what signs have you all got and when did they start?


  • Anyone between 5 and 7 weeks and what signs and things are you getting, ie morning sickess etc.

    I am getting worried as all I have is sore and tender nipples. Is it still to early for anything else?
  • Hi Tashaboast,
    It might be to early or u might just be one of the lucky ones who doesn't suffer from pregnancy symptoms. With my first I had nothing at all not even sore nipples, this time round however is a totally different story, and I dnt mind saying I perferred the first time round, ha ha ha. I wouldn't worry pregnant women dnt need unnecessary stress. Kerry xxx

  • Don't wish for symptoms! Mine started at about 5 weeks but wouldn't wish them on anyone!! x
  • Hi, i'm about 6/7 weeks and i have no symptoms at all really, other than being tired. i think we should think ourselves lucky! ha ha x x x
  • I know but it makes me feel that something could be wrong. I am a worrier. xx
  • I think that you might be a worrier but there really is no need plenty of women go through pregnany with little or no symtoms. U prob are getting symptoms anyway but because ur thinking about it that much ur just not noticing them. Just relax and enjoy ur pregnancy ur body would tell u if there was something wrong, u wouldnt be feeling nothing if there was a problem. Kerry xxx

  • hey don't worry i use to and would think same thing that something must be wrong!! i am between 7/9 weeks and have got nothing now at all!! i use to be a bit tired to start with but now i'm not even tired! i also really wished that i would feel sick or something but now i don't i really hate feeling sick and def don't want to going through that! so now i am going to enjoy my pregnancy and enjoy feeling great! if something happens i'll deal with it at the time! and thanks kerrymc ur advice is really great! xx
  • I did get any symptoms until I was 9 weeks and then they went away at 12-13 since then I have had nothing except my big ol bouncy belly getting bigger and harder image

  • The only symptoms I got was when my boobs wouldnt fit into any of my bra's! I have had cysts so my periods where hit and miss so I never gave it any thought when I didnt have them! when I look back I was tired but I had been doing rather alot last July and August with the horse's.
  • im exactly the same as you tashaboast, Im 6 weeks and 2 days today and the only symptoms i have of pregnancy is a bit or tiredness and quite sore boobs which get worse throughout the day.

    I havent had any real morning sickness, just feeling a bit yuck first thing in the morning because im so hungry.

    Im such a worrier aswel and whilst most people are concerned about when the morning sickness and other symptoms like that are going to end im concerned about when they are going to start! lol

    I know they will probably start soon and maybe i wont get the bad ones at all but either way we shouldnt worry about it. Stressing about it makes me even more tired lol

    good luck with your pregnancy!
  • Hi, I am 6 weeks and like you dont feel much apart from sore boobs. my sister is 7 weeks ahead of me with baby number 5 and did not have any symptoms at all with them all, apart from the obvious bump.......guess we are lucky and should enjoy it!!
  • I honestly think it varies from person to person. im 5+3 and today is my first day of really experiencing anything, nausea, tiredness & tender bb's but my friend had a really smooth pregnancy with no symptoms - so just relax and enjoy it! xx
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