Help needed....please!!

Hi all...

I'm tcc and really need your honest help and advise. I'm driving myself mad and I really need to know if anyone else has experienced this and really want to know what my chances are...

I was due AF on Monday 5th Jan but on Friday 2nd I had some spotting. Sorry if this is TMI but its very light and brown with cm. I am still getting this 7 days later so I thought it could possibly be a light period. However, it seems i only get this light bleed once a day - usually in the monrng then noting for the rest of the day or overnight!!

I took a test a couple of days ago and got a BFN but didnt know if it would be too early to test as I would have only concieved about 2 weeks ago.

I've googled alot and just keep getting different answers but wondered if anyone else had experienced an implatation bleed for this long?? And also when do you think I could take a test for an accurate result??

Thank you everyone xx


  • A preg test should work if your AF is due, but sometimes it takes longer to get your BFP. I would wait a few days and test again.

    Remember to use your first wee of the day (even if the test says you don't have to, as HGC will be stronger then).

    Good luck!
  • we got BFN right up until the day AF was due. on the day it was due we got a BFP! so it could still be too early to test. i agree to wait a few days and then test in the morning with your first wee. let us know how you get on. xxx
  • Hi, I got a bfn at 14 dpo. I also had spotting similar to what you are describing, not for that many days but was probably a bit heavier the first day as I thought af had found me. Anyway, 6 days later I tested again and it was bfp.
    As suggested, wait a couple of days and test again. Ive everything crossed for you
    Lisa xxx
  • I had an implantation bleed and it was a little bit of red in the evening, then a little bit of brown the next morning. Not much at all but how you might expect beginning of AF

    Also, I don't want to scare you but thought I had better share my other experience from my first pregnancy in September which was ectopic. I started spotting on the day AF was due and it carried on for a week. Because this is not normal for me I tested and got BFP (so that was a week after AF was due). The BFP was faint and didn't show up in the evening, only with FMU. Also a CBD came up with 1-2 when it should have come up with 2-3, so there was clearly a problem with my hormone levels

    Again, really don't want to tell you this to scare you but I thought I had better mention it

    As the girls have said though, there have been some people on here who have not got their BFP's until really late and everything is fine- it just goes to show how different every pregnancy is, with hormone levels as well as everything else!!

    I hope this is your month!!

    10+1 x
  • Thanks everyone! The spotting stopped yesterday (lasted 9 days) so hoping to test end of this week - do you think this is enough time to wait to get a BFP??
  • Congratulations cornetto!!! And thanks for the glimer of hope image

    I'll test again later this week and see what happens - I'd like to say Friday but not sure if I can wait that long!!

    I take it if you thought you were CD9 you had no other symptoms?!?!
  • well technically the first day of your missed period should be early enough, but I know someone who was 10 weeks before she finally got her BFP - so there really is quite a range! It can't hurt to test every few days (or longer), I wouldn't bother any more often than as you will just waste loads of money on tests!

    Good luck hun, and hope it goes well for you!
    Loads of baby dust.

  • Really cornetto?? I had exactly that feeling on Sunday!!

    nikkiandneil I can't believe your friend was 10 weeks before she got her BFP!!

    So when do you think I should test??
  • fingers crossed for you hun, good luck. xxx
  • It's a BFN ladies image Not sure whats going on. Thank you though for all your kind comments x
  • I've ha da very similar thing happen to me lately to. Also just to let you know with my 1st i never got a bfp at all and never found out i was pregnant til 19 weeks when a gyne doc made me have a scan. So really everyone is so different.
  • TCC2009....did you have any other symptoms with your first before you found out? Were you still getting your period?? I'm just so confused image

    I have been getting a pain in my side and I went to the doctors yesterday who told me the gland down there was swollen....he asked if i was pregnant and obviously i said no coz i've had a bfn....and so today I have to go for some swaps....what if I am pregnant?? Will this be harmful?? How can I find out if I'm pregnant and just not getting my bfp :cry:
  • I didn't get any syptoms which i can remember just that i was gaining weight, they thought i had kidney infection, then ovarian cysts, took so long to get an answer. I wasn't getting any periods hence with the bfn the doctors were just as confused. Apparently it happens that some women just don't get enough hcg and there's no expkanation why. I doubt swabs being taken will harm if your pregnant. I had an internal which made me bleed alot when they found out i was 19 weeks and i still went on to be ok. If your in doubt tell them your unsure if your pregnant or not and could they test before your swabs are taken
  • Even if I test before they took swaps, I'd prob still get a bfn as I only took a test a few days ago. Is there anything else I could do to find out...?? Could they tell by doing an internal?
  • My doctor told me they can tell by usually just pressing the lower stomach, but yes they can usually tell from internal as my gyne doc was spot on with number of weeks i was gone, but i'm not sure how far along you have to be to before they can tell
  • I didnt get my BFP until i was 5 days late - got BFN on day AF was due and it was only my friends persistence that made me test again otherwise i wouldnt have known i was preg!

    I say test again in few days hun.

    Anna 35+4
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