Ice Cream

I cannot get enough of it. I have moved on from my salt and vinger chip sticks and now I can't get enough ice cream. I ate nearly half the tub yesterday and was so desperate for it that I did not even unpack the shopping before ripping the lid off and using my finger to scoop some out LOL

K xx



  • LOL! I like anything cold actually, ice cream is great! What flavour are you in to? I'm liking mint vienetta or strawberry at the mo! I just think of it as lots of calcium for the baby lol xx
  • lol i had ice cream for breakfast this morning well cadburys caramel ice cream bars im still sick quite a bit and if i dont eat what i fancy i feel worse at your stage it was jacket potatoes for dinner and tea everyday i never had many cravings with my other 2 dds so at this rate im gonna be the size of a house image
    claire xx
  • OMG - ive been eating ben and jerry's caramel chew chew by the bucket load - does this have raw egg in it??
  • You had ice-cream for breakfast LOL

    Mine is vanilla at the mo, just the Sainsbury's own one I hope that is ok.

    I went shopping and was picking up all this stuff i don;t normally eat but it looked sooo good. Picked up a lot of red meat as well been having mainly chicken and turkey and it's doing my head in.

    Hubby says the food bills are going to start creeping up and he is so right!

    K xx

  • Oh no!!!
    Ladies im really worried!
    Just looked on ben and jerrys site, the caramel chew chew has egg yolkes in!
    Does it mean the are raw? of corse it does, you dont cook ice cream do you!
    im really worried now?
    What could happen to the baby???
  • I have completely gone off sweet things! I have got a tub of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough and baked Alaska in the freezer that I just can't face! I can't stop eating rice! Yesterday we had Chinese to satisfy my cravings and I had an entire large rice to myself and then half of OH's small too! He kept looking over at me as if I was some kind of loon! I think its cuz I ate it dry with a bit of soy sauce and nothing else! I want rice for lunch now!
  • Mrs Dickson, I wouldn't worry too much - but def. check with Ben & Jerry's direct or your MW if you can.

    I am positive someone told me, or I read, that all ice cream HAS to be pasturised and 'safe' from those sorts of things. Please don't trust me on this, but I am pretty sure it's ok.

    Def. check out with your Dr / MW though!

    Julie xxx
  • Don't worry, ice cream is made from a custard base made from egg yolks and cream that you cook. They won't be raw!
  • Mrs D don't panic, I am another Ben and Jerry's addict and have been eating it all through my pregnancy. I think it is more homemade desserts that might actually have raw eggs in that you need to be careful of xx
  • Mrs Dickson, dont worry! Most places use pasturised egg, and the risk of salmonella in this country is so low that i'm sure it will be fine. If it was going to make you ill it would have done by now i would think. I do tend to take all the food guidelines with a pinch of salt though, i mean, our mothers ate lots of things we're told we shouldnt now and we are all fine! And my nan told me the other day that she was encouraged to drink half a guiness every day for iron! I've been eating ben and jerrys too, mainly phish food, and will continue to do so xxx
    And babybooboo, you've got me fancying a fried rice with curry sauce now! Might have to stop off at the chinese on the way home from pickin lo up from playschool....
  • OH's mum told us the other day that they came round the maternity wards and offered water, juice or stout!!
    Like I said egg in ice cream is cooked to make the base!!
  • yeah babyboo your right ice cream is made using a custard so the egg will be cooked im addicted to cooking shows image
  • Me too lol, the only reason I know is from watching Rosemary Schragers school for cooks lol!!
  • Thanks Ladies!
    I feel alot better now!
  • oh dear i didnt realise ben and jerrys had raw egg in it and ive been having loads of it. wooops xx
  • yikes i have been eating ben and jerry's too sure its ok though .....i know they say not to eat whippy ice cream but what about mc flurry's from mc d's i had 2 last week cos i was craving them so bad ??(oh does not believe in cravings he said its an excuse !!) xxxx
  • Its the same thing as whippy ice cream. You are not supposed to have any ice cream/milkshake that comes from machines because there is a risk of listeria bacteria living in the spout. The way I see it you get pregnant women who smoke, drink and take drugs throughout their pregnancies and have healthy babies so I am sure a milkshake once in a while isn't the end of the world.

    Having said that I am steering clear of it all because I know if something went wrong, regardless of what it was, I would blame myself if I had done stuff I know I shouldn't have!!
  • babybooboo - I heard that about whippy ice cream. Don't have it from a van but from places like McDonalds, Burger King etc its fine as they thoroughly clean their machines regularly.

    I thought I couldn't have McFlurrys but was delighted to find out that they are fine

  • You obviously don't go to the McDonalds near me lol!!
  • I think it's just Mr Whippy ice-cream you should avoid - not sure why though. It's a real bummer as it's my favourite! xxxx

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