Warning - Maternity Seatbelts

Just thought I'd let you know ( have posted elsewhere on another topic with a different title ) that I took delivery of a Maternity Seatbelt yesterday.

When I tried to fix it in the car, it appears that I couldn't wear it with a dress, you have to be wearing trousers, and not a long coat.

I have just phoned the company I bought it from, and they confirmed that you can only wear them with trousers. Have to say if I knew that I wouldn't of bought one.

Having said that, the lady I spoke to was lovely, and said I could return it, and exchange it for a bump belt, which you can wear with anything........

Don't want to put off anyone buying one, as they are a very good idea - but I am now going to buy the bump belt!

They are not that widely available ( boots and Halfords no longer sell them ) but I got mine from here http://www.anawiz.com/acatalog/Maternity_Seatbelts.html

The above company seem very good, I ordered it on Monday, got it Tuesday and will be sending ot back Wednesday!!, andway aside from the lack of info up front, the delivery and customer service from this company are fab!

Sam xx


  • Hi,
    I thought it was ok to wear a normal seatbelt as long as it sits under the bump is this not true?

  • hi i too thought it was ok as long as you had lap part under your bump?maybe im wrong but i have never seem what bump belt or others look like, am going to have alook and see x
  • I got the bump belt and it really makes me more comfortable!
  • My bump belt saved me from so much discomfort, I think we should get them for free!
  • i never even knew there was such a thing.
  • Hi

    You don't have to get one Lizzy, but the maternity belt makes sure that the lap belt stays under the bump.

    I have to say, that I used it on the drive home from work, and it is great, although a bit pants if you can only use it with trousers, so I'll defo return it for the bump belt.

    Worth having a look, as they are not expensive..

    Sam xx
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