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Thanks Im new on this. I am very worried about my pregnancy due to a little bleeding I had about 3 daqys ago, when I go to the bathroom there is a brown discharge on the toilet paper. I wonder if anyone could help me telling me what it could be


  • Hi there

    Try not to worry (I know easier said than done), but bleeding in early preg is very common.

    Have a look in the preg & birth section of this website as there is a feature all about it, which will hopefully reassure you.

    Good luck - I hope everything is ok x
  • Hi malole,
    I had a similar colour discharge earlier this year with no warning, no pains etc and it lasted for a few days. I went to my GP as I was worried and he organised a scan (I was 10 weeks), which confirmed I had miscarried.
    However, I am now pregnant again, now 11 weeks and I had the same kind of discharge in this pregnancy again at about 6 weeks. It only lasted a day or two and I haven't had any since (touch wood). My GP and midwife told me not to worry if I didn't have any more , which I haven't. I've not had a scan again this time and am due my 12 week scan next week. I'm still really worried - but my advice to you is to go and see your GP. If you're really worried about it you can have your blood test done to check your HCG level is rising (this is what I did). If it is then that is a great sign your pregnancy is okay.. that's what I would do if I were you. Hope this helps..... Lucy x
  • i had two bleeds in the first few weeks and was very anxious, but now im 24 weeks pregnant with a healthy little girl.
    try not to worry, lots of people bleed for no reason, my sister carried on having periods all through the pregnancy and her little boy is due in a few weeks.
    hope this puts your mind at rest lv tara x thinkin of u
  • Hi, I had the same thing at 12 weeks and again at 14 weeks. There was a little blood when I wiped myself (both times was after first wee of day) and then it changed to a very small amount of brown discharge. I was worried but luckily had an appt already arranged with my midwife. She found the baby's heartbeat almost immediately so she wasn't worried. She said it was probably the baby moving around and implanting deeper into the womb, or that I may be one of those who bleeds a little bit all the way through for no reason!
    Unless you have abdominal pain, or a lot of discharge which continues for more than a day, hopefully there is nothing to worry about.
    On both of my occasions, I think I have been overdoing it with work etc which may have had something to do with it. Makesure you rest as much as possible.
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