Please help ... heartburn!

Hey ladies, I'm just looking for some advice on coping with the dreaded heartburn. I seem to be having it 24hrs a day just now, to the extent that it's making me sick (again!) and have tried everything I can think of to ease it - Gaviscon, milk, sitting up in bed, eating little portions, eating bland food etc. I'm literally at the end of my tether now and would welcome any suggestions before I start to scream with frustration image


  • I use rennie as I can't stand gaviscon, sometimes I still have it though, to the point were I cough or it makes me sick. I'd speak to your mw if gaviscon or rennie don't touch it.

  • I tried Rennies but they don't seem to do anything for me at all, end up popping them like sweets image: Have an appt at the doctors tomorrow so hopefully they can give me something and if not have mw on 3rd and she better be able to help or will just have to turn into a crying mess in front of her :lol:

  • If over the counter antacids and natural remedies aren't working then you need to speak to your GP when you see him, he can prescribe something called randitidine
  • not much fun is it x

    I really hope you get something more suitable tmrw

    x x
  • Aww i can totally sympathise with you hun its killin me too and the bloomin gaviscon not touchin me im at end of my tether too think its just where everythin is gettin so pushed up and space is gettin limited.Im tryin not to eat very big portions but then when i have a drink it comes!Cant win can we....:roll:
  • Milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had really bad heart burn with Joshua and although I took Renne (sp?) it was a bit hit and miss! But I can honestly say drinking milk really helped- deffo stay away from oj or anything acidy xxx
  • Gaviscon tablets, they where the only thing that took my heartburn away, the liquid didn't work at all but the tablets where great! I had really bad heartburn while I was pregnant. Give them a try they might to the trick.
  • Hiya

    I had really bad heartburn aswell and I couldnt take gaviscone at all it made me ill, I was prescibed peptac from boots which is similar to gaviscon and its fantastic but its really thick and made me gag after a while I refused to take it I told the doc about this and he prescribed me tablets called imageomeprazole 10mg) and you take one before your bed, I only take them when its really bad but theyre so effective

    Hope this helps

  • Warm milk with honey! I have to say it tastes totally rancid but it was the ONLY thing that worked when I was pregnant with my son!

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