sick for the first time at 15weeks?any ideas why?

iv just been sick for the first time since getting pregnant.i had morning sickness for the first 11 weeks but was never actually sick.anyway, today i went to visit a friend who lives an hour away so all i had eaten all day was 2 slices of toast for breakfast and one slice at her house at lunch time.then i spent all afternoon playing with kids and got home knackered.then i had some pizza for tea and straight after i finished i started to feel ill and then just after i put my son to bed i was sick yuck!do you think this is a stomach bug of do you think maybe iv overdone it a bit and not eaten enough and it all caught up with me?iv got a 9 hour shift at work tomorrow and im thinking i need to eat little and often and not let myself get hungry.

archie 3
and 15+2


  • ahhh thankyou!im glad there is someone else who had something similar!iv been keeping fluid down overnight which is good and im eating a bowl of dry cereal going to see if i can leave work early today too as i just feel drained from waking up feeling ill all me to get ill just as its those important SMP qualifying weeks!x
  • Sorry hun, but I'm so glad to hear someone else saything this. Was nauseaous from 4 weeks to 13 but never vomited, then had a funny day yesterday at 16+4. Almost fainted on the tube travelling to work, had to get of and sit on the platform stripped off all my layers in the freezing cold. Then walking fom the station had a coughing fit which left me heaving in the street- luckily have my breakfast when i get to work to nothing to bring up lol! Was shaky and out of it all day

    Hope it's just a one-day thing for us both x
  • Hi all, I'm 14 weeks and was fine in the trimester.this week I can not face food at all continuous nausea and severe headaches. I have managed a croissant yesterday and a popsical that's it. Any ideas what I can do? Everything I try to eat makes me feel like death on a stick.


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