Silly midwife!!

Hey everyone, had my 36 week appointment on tuesday and thought i'd ask the midwife which number i need to ring if things start happening (as there were a few diff numbers on the front of my notes) when she looked to check for me....all of the numbers were wrong!!!!
the stupid midwife who booked me in had put some completely random numbers on there!! the delivery suite and antenatal clinic numbers where the same...i think prob her house number or something!!!

how bad is that though, its lucky ive got this far without needing any emergency advice or anything!!
am quite pissed off about it cos if i'd of gone into labour i wouldn't have had the number to ring!!!!!!


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  • Gosh, it is a gud job that uv not yet needed to ring any of them in an emergency and it was a gud job that u asked coz i probably wudnt have done. Uv prompted me to check that the numbers i have are actually right, and im glad u sorted it before labour started for u. Kerry xxxx

  • Hi my mw was the same, she gave me her home number and that was it! I had to ring up the hospital to get the number for the labour ward myself!
  • DOH! Maybe it's the pizza delivery or somewhere! You'd think they'd have a list that they would just copy - not rocket science methinks!

    13 days to go til section
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