Hey guys!!!

Im 6 weeks now! and now got a cold or hay fever! every time i cough it hurts!! im so scared i might have a miscarriage!

I havent felt sick but my booooobs!!! ooooooouch!!! i have these sudden stinging sensations to the point it makes me cry, my hubby just comforts me! what is it? doesnt happen all the time, but really hurts. right now just my right boob feel really sensitive and not the other...is that odd???? whats going on with my boobs!!! plz advice!!!!


  • Please try and not worry easier said than done l know, l had v sore boobs in the 1st 12 wks but it went away hopefully it does with you. Everytime l sneezed and coughed l got a pain as well but lm now 28+3 and lm ok xx
  • ive had really sore boobs from 9dpo right up to today and i am 9+6. its rarely the both of them together, it started with the left now its the right. can often get shooting pain to feeling like there are needles in my nipples. so i would say its all completely normal
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