UTI water works!


went to the docs yesterday as my cold has been making my morning sickness play up really badly and was struggling to keep even fluids, my lovely doc gave me some tablets to stop me vomitting

she also did a urine dipstick on a sample and said i have a UTI and gace me antibiotics.

I've had uti in the pas before pg and always had symptoms i.e need to pee all the time, burning when peeing, only passing small amounts of urine, pelvic pain, cloudy urine etc but this time i have NO symptoms !?!?!?!?!

Can you have a UTI with no symptoms? She said their was leucrophytes in my urine and that is how she knows ot is a UTI. Jutst worried the lack of symptoms means something else is wrong and it's not a uti :\?

anyone else had anything similar? xxxxxx


  • You certainly can hun I had a few months where I just had it constantly and one time i went to the docs and they said no symptoms so you cant have one but they sent my sample off for testing anyway and then called me saying i need antibiotics as I do have one. In the end I ended up being rushed to hospital one evening as I was feeling fine then I went for a wee and when I went to stand up i couldnt walk the pain in my back was so bad but other than that no symptoms whatsoever so they thought it was appendicitis - i was laid up for a week with sickness and all sorts all from a uti that I didnt even know I had as I didnt have any symptoms!!



  • wow LH86, i'm glad they tested my urine yesterday now! i'll kkeep taking the antibiotics!

    Just realised your edd is only one day ahead of mine... im 15 weeks today image
  • Yes you can have a UTI without any symtoms but you can also have leukocytes in your urine and not have a UTI. I have been treated with antibiotics a few times cause of this and then when the tests come bk it is clear of UTI. Did they menton if any blood traces in it as that would be a sure UTI? Hopefully if you do have one it will clear up soon xxx
  • no no mention of any blood, just the leukocytes... what else can cause then to be in your urine? xxx
  • It can mean lots of things but also quite common just to have them in your urine. I have had them for bout 2 years now and the docs dont seem worried. I just have to remind them when using the dipstick things to look for other traces as well as leukocytes.

    Lindsay 22+4
  • thanks Linz82,

    i've been given a course of ab and have a appt with midwife next week so she should check my urine again and i'll ask her if there was anything else in there apart from the leukocytes xxx

    thanks again xxx
  • Thats so cool Faz I just found out my friend at work is having twins she did her test 2 days after I told her i was pregnant and is due the day after me too! Love having bump buddies! Hope your waterworks get better soon!



  • hee hee hope they do too... it is so not glamarous being pregnant is it! i have never felt so knackered, unattractive and ill in my life! think my ms has been worse snce my 12 week scan (opposite to what i was expecting!) and not i have the world's worst cold and look like a snotty kid! Just want to start blooming and get a blooming bump too!

    yey like having a bump buddy! congrads to your friend at work too xxx
  • I recently had a UTI and didn't have any symptoms until it affected my kidneys and then I was in agony. I'm quite prone to infections and usually get the stinging etc too but my midwife said its common for them to go undetected in pregnancy which is why they check your urine at every visit!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Bec 25+4 x
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