going part time

i went to see my head teacher during the first week of term to talk about reducing my hours to 3 days per week. well i had to put it in writing which i did. the deadline for the heads reply with his decision is tomorrow. i still have not heard anything about it.

does anyone know what they next step is if he fails to meet his obligations to reply within 28 days?

karen 28+5


  • when i had my son i told work i wanted part time,i told them in dec and wasnt due back to work till april,they finaly told me about a week before i was due back,i was sooooooo annoyed that it took them all this time,anyway no pint to that little story cos i didnt do anything about it :lol: you could always phone cab or accas and see what they say if they dont reply,good luck


  • been looking at the NUT website and all i can find is that within 28 of me putting it in writing he has to arrange a meeting then give me the finall decision within 14 days of that meeting. only problem is that it doesnt say what to do if he doesnt contact me at all.
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