how long...

can you leave the baby in a bouncer or swing?

i have bought a baby swing, so i can put baby in and get things done! how long can you leave them in these for. would it be ok to leave the baby in there for a couple of hours sleep or would it be best to transfer in to the crib?

im clueless!!!!!!!! so many questions in my head :lol:



  • I was told not to leave lo in a car seat for longer than 1.5 hours without a break by a pediatrician (sp) so I guess a similar rule applies to a swing. However I bought a swing for my lo and at 10 wks she has only just decided she likes it so it depends on how long they will let you put them in it for! image

    I also quite like putting her in her crib for naps because then she associates it with sleep and I think it helps her get off to sleep better at night.

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  • yeh thats what i had heard, i was wondering if the same rule applied to the swings.

    that is why i went for a traditional flat pram rather than a car seat one (i hate them!) because they can cause curviature (sp) of the spine.

  • We are buying a baby swing (the fisher price rainforest one) because we know someone who has one and it is a lifesaver for them! Sends baby to sleep in no time.

    I think it is 1.5 hours you leave them in as Lottie78 said - it's the same with a carseat. If your lo falls asleep and has been in there a while you can always pick him/her up and put them in the crib. xxxx

  • I think it depends on how far ur swing or bouncer lies back. With my son i had a frisher price rocking chair type thing, but it lay really far back so if he fell asleep in it i would just leave him. I just go on how comfortable they look, if they look uncomfortable then i wud transfer to a bed. xxx
  • I chose a lie flat pram for the same reason as you, although i'm told the Jane has a lie flat car seat which is apparently very good. Hope your lo likes the swing more than mine. When is your baby due?

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  • im due june 16th so not long now, i really havent got a clue as iv never been around babies so all these questions are running through my head!!!!

  • Aaah lucky you - you'll have a lovely summer baby, my sister is due at the same time as you. Hope all goes well..
  • yeh long walks in the summer , if we get one!!!!!!!!! haha.

    your baba is soooo cute!

  • My lo is due April 28th (scan date) but my period date is 1st May which I think could be more accurate!

    It's ironic as I said I always wanted a May day baby, and yet this one was completely unplanned, lol

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