swiss ball

Lidl are doing them, got one today for ???????5. What do I do with it now?!!!!!! lol


  • what soze is it? i have seen the in Asda on sale for ??4.31 but think they were 26cm diameter.

    viki x
  • hi tesco have 26cm ones for ??3.49, anti burst and comes with pump. fantastic i got it last week. as ur only 10 weeks there isn't much u can do with it, there more for the last few weeks to get baby to engage and get into position ready for birth and at 10 weeks u defo don't wanna be doing that. u might finnd once u get bigger ur hips may hurt and then u can use it as a seat as it seems to be very comfortable and stops my hips hurting.

  • whoops double post xx

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  • i'm a physio and we use these loads!

    if you sit on it it helps your posture.

    in the later stages kneel on all 4s resting into the ball- its really comfortable and will help baby get in good position!
  • cool thanks ladies. I figured I wouldnt need it for a while. Its 65cm. But its not inflated yet so I can store it easily enough for now!!
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