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Complete Rant!

Morning all,

I am so annoyed by people who believe they can blame annoyance with anything or any arguement on the pregnancy hormones!!

I have woken up this morning to my husband sitting in the living room being very touchy about everything (I asked him why he was wearing a womans jumper - an old one I'd not seen him wear before...JOKING) and he started winning about how I had obviously woken up in a bad mood and he cant wait for these pregnancy hormones to go!!!!

Further more, any time I complain about something, I get the same reaction and its doing my wick in!!!!!!

Its not just being pregnant either, Im sure some of you have been witness to the most infurating sentance in the world during an argument 'is it your time of the month?'

The worst thing is, its not even just men!!! You would think women would know better than to utter either of these insulting phrases?!

Anyway, I am sick of spending my life being told I am not in control of my own emotions, I think there should be some kind of law!

Sorry for the rant.....oh and by the way husband, Yep! I am in a bad mood this morning now! Thanks for that!


  • Oh hon I know, I hate it. My aunt was sooooo rude that I wont' go in to details but was about my dad grandad and when I flipped with rage she just laughed and said "pregnancy hormones". ERRRR no, I still would think your a complete dick, pregnant or not!
    DH keeps telling me jokes and when I don't laugh he tells me that pregnancy has taken my sense of humour. Er perhaps your jokes aren't funny??? But of course, it must be me!
    Sorry talk about hijack your thread! Just remember that other people make excuses for you as it makes them feel better. I did have to sit my DH down and tell him just because it's pregnancy hormones it may mean that I just react a little worse than I would have before but the long and short of it is that he still has peed me off.
    Next time he says anything, just smile and walk away (you can beat up your teddy bears when nobody's looking!). That way he can't complain you've moaned at him! xxxxx
  • Lol - no hijack! I wanted to hear that it wasn't just me!!

    I have done exactly the same with my DH, 'just because my reactions are larger, doesn't mean Im not justified to have the hump' doesn't work, I don't know about any other man, but mine seems to have the memory of a goldfish, so I could have that conversation everyday and it would only work for a few hours!

    I think the worst thing with me is that some things he does now have become a problem where they weren't before because when it was just us, fine, but now there is a baby to consider - this becomes an excuse to tell me 'I've changed' well, duh! yeah I have, why haven't you!!!

    I am totally going to raise my little man as an utter feminist! Its a challenge, but Im up for it!!

    x x x x
  • Ha Ha, hon I have decided if my bump is blue it's going to be a new age man!!! I doubt it will work but i'm up for trying!
    Your right about things changing but I think for us they change when we get PG but for them it's not until the baby is here (can you tell i'm hoping LOL!)
  • I know exactly what you all mean, if ever i did not laugh at OH unfunny joke or got annoyed because of his behaviour, then he would always say "oohh time of the month isit?" Now im getting oohh those pregnancy hormones really are getting to you, aint they?" and " is this what i have to put up with for the next 8 months?". Grrrr, it annoys me sooo much. When will they realise its not our hormones, it's them!!!

    Aaahhh, feel better for that rant, lol

  • :lol: thanks ladies this has made me feel better!! I've had this from my hubbie, MY BLOODY MOTHER??, my dad and other randoms!! My sodding mother really should know better!!!
    Anyway i have taken to explaining to DH now just before I explode at him :lol: that "with or without pregnancy hormones I would still be throwing this shoe at you right now!" :lol:
    Em xx
  • Ah, such a reliefe that I dont have the only annoying family in the world, Just had MIL arrive and am now hiding out as I can't nod politely when she says these stupid things and am tired of answering in a logically 'non'hormonal' fashion!!

    Emma - we should start a new age bump thread and combine ideas on the modernisation of the next generation male!! Making men of the future considerate without necessarily turning them gay!! lol I think I will start the thread actually as I would be really interested to know how many other mums to be have the same plans as us!

    x x x x
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