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hi all

ok i know everything there is to know about pregnancy but what sort of books are out there about what happens when she is here!!???

I dont know anything never changed a nappy, sterilising bottles, how often to feed, sleeping, when they should be doing things like sitting up or walking

Is there a good book out there that might help get me just a little prepared?
Ta very much!!

Laura xxx


  • my husband was given 'the bay owners manual' as a xmas present, it's actually quite good, has basic info and is easy to read!

    i was given 'the contented little baby book' which has lots of info but is very structured. was also given the new baby care book by mirian stoppard but not looked at it yet.....
  • i had the miriam stoppard one when i had my daughter and i admit i didn't like it much...i really wanted someone to tell me how to get her to sleep at night (she used to cry to be picked up all through the night) and all the books say is do whatever your baby wants and if she/he cries, pick her/him up and cuddle. very nice but really needed my sleep!!! i am a believer in routine esp at bedtime etc and all the books i read advised forgetting the housework and actually getting dressed in the morning and live entirely moment by moment sleeping when baby does. Some people are happy to do that but i wasn't and when this baby is born, he will have to fit in with the school routines of my 5 yr old etc so i am unlikely to turn to these books!
    I went to my mum when i had my daughter and let her guide me - she always told me that when it comes to feeding, bathing etc, instinct will tell you how much milk, how often etc and i have to say that it did after a few days. I also found midwives and health visitors to be great too.
    Sorry got a bit carried away with this post....i reckon the value of the books will depend entirely on how you want to do things, i know for me that i will need baby to learn to sleep at night quickly so i won't be turning to ms stoppard this time!!!!
    Claudia 34+2 xxx
  • I signed up to the SMA website and they send you a free DVD about living with a newborn, straight from the hospital, its really good, goes through how to change a nappy, bathing, breast/bottle feeding etc. Ive also got the Miriam Stoppard book its not to bad, but the baby prima magazines etc are all good they have step by step guides in them, if you havent bought any yet but im sure you have.

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