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group b strep question

hiya just wondering im having my second baby but have got group b strep our hospital usually send you home in a few hours after second but will i have to stay in longer to make sure we are ok even if i get the recommened 4 hours of antibiotics? im dont mind obviously as long my little girl is ok but would like to get prepared as i hated it last time when had to stay with my first thanks lisa x x


  • I have been told that we will be monitered for 24 hours regardless of weather I have enough antibiotics or not to make 100% sure that baby is fine,which I dont want to have to stay at all, but better than having to stay a week like I did with my first.I have also put a thing on here about strep B which im not sure you have seen but some of them have been told they will be in for maybe depends on where you live.
  • the other post is back on the 23rd of march so you will have to go back a few pages.(4 or 5) a few replys on it that might be interesting for you to read.
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