Asda sale....

Hi folks, I got a leaflet from Asda in the post today saying that they are having a huge baby sale between 14-27 Jan. the tommee tippee nappy wrapper is only ??10. Thought you might all like to know if you didnt know already. I reckon it might be worth a look!


  • thanks alot chick i will be there can do with all the savings i can get at the min

  • yup indeed, I got my steriliser from there last night.
  • brilliant thanx 4 letting every1 no i aint ad 1 ov them leaflets through, wouldnt av known otherwise!!image
  • Asda is great for baby stuff. When I went in Asda Living a few weeks ago there were 3 whole walls of newborn baby boy clothes, all absolutely adorable! It's hard to find lots of things for boys. We've bought all our clothes now but if anyone wants to buy I'll be sending them in Asda's direction lol. I also need a steriliser & bottles so might have a look this weekend. x
  • cheers babe ive already bought lot of stuff from asda bought my nappy wrapper for ??10 4 months ago when they had previous sale. Need a few more bits so will check it out.
  • might drag me oh out ov bed 4 a spendin spree!!!:lol:
  • I think the johnsons box and baby toiletries set was also only ??10!!! That's like a third of the price!
  • To those that know about the asda sale, is it just asda or baby stuff in george aswell? x
  • these bargains sound too good to miss - will head there asap! I haven't got my Bounty pack thing yet which you can pick up from Asda, so now double the excuse to go!!
  • just come back from asda i bought the lindams night and day feeding system last week for ??25 from asda today it is ??15 its ??30 in argos.
  • i got that leaflet looks like a gd sale
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