Who has a child friendly car?

We are expecting baby no,2 and are taking steps to make the transition from 1 baby to 2 as easy as possible. I think we're going to need a people carrier or much larger car than the one we have now (hatchback Corsa)

We'll need to fit in 2 pushchairs, 2 car seats and the 2 of us, plus room for shopping and maybe another person incase mum comes with us etc etc

Does anyone on here have a larger vehicle?? What type do you have and what would your other halves recommend as the best type of larger car for a family?? In terms of economy, looks, space, price, tax etc etc

Look forward to hearing your advice!

Cheers, Karys 17+1 weeks.


  • We use to have a honda jazz which had loads of space in the actually space sitting area but found the boot quite small with buggy and then fitting other things in.

    We have an audi A3 now and a Ford focus. the audi probably isn't the best family car but it has a big boat and is fine for comfort, safety and getting my two yr old out as seat moves very far into the well for getting a car seat in an out or u could turn off front airbag if u wanted bub in front!

    The focus seems like a great car loads of room everywhere and is very economical to run. can fit buggy and shopping etc in boot and can fit people and car seats in back.

    hope that helps a bit, i think it depends what u can afford.
  • Thanks lilacjlh,

    Is it just me or does (i'm presuming he's your oh) look a bit like Jamie Oliver?? hehe.

    Well price wise we were looking to spend no more than ??6000. Think we could get a good second hand family car with that. My brother has suggested a BMW 3 series, Honda accord, Vauxhall vectra, Ford Mondeo.

    If we do get one of these cars it will need to be a hatchback.
  • hi we have a renault clio and a ford zafora. The clio is rather small, my partner uses it for work during the week as they are cheap to run, but once a pram goed in the boot dont count on getting all your shopping in too I drive a ford zafira, they are quite pricey (family carrier) but they are brilliant. Its a five seater with reclining extra two back seats. When the seats are up there isnt much space. but when the seats are down (still five seats remanining) we can fit the pram , shopping, and whatever else we pick up. they are fantastic.
  • He gets that a lot actually which i find quite strange as i can't see it at all?! Not even sure if i think jamie oliver is cute or not?!

    The accord is another great car, my aunt has one she's got threes kids and fits everything in and u can def get one for about ??6,000.
  • We have a Ford capri...it's my ohs baby. It cuts out in winter, has 2 doors, no space in the back and a teeny boot. Gonna be a right laugh when the baby's here!!!!
  • Before i fell pregnant with my first baby I had a renault scenic and I loverd it, it had loads of boots space and the room inside the car was amazing. Unfortunately didnt see the point of having a big and more expensive car so got a renault clio, then 2 months later found out I was pregnant, i was gutted. Ive got a new shape clio now which is bigger than the old ones but I still think its gona be a struggle with two children under two, cnt afford a new car tho. Any way I would defo recommend a scenic and they have the five star safety rating as well. Kerry xxx
  • we have a renault laguna which although doesn't look that big has a HUGE boot this is our first and i know we can fit a full sized washing machine in with back seats still up and boot fully closed! we were well chuffed at that so when it got written off for us we brought another for when we have baby image worth it! lots of space in it in general! loves our laguna.
  • hiya, well when i had my 1st i had a vw golf, when i had my 2nd that was far to small so we then got a vauxhall zafira, great car untill i had number 3 when there was not enough room for 3 car seats in the back so we bought a galaxy which is the best car we have ever had, the boys have so much seating space and room to move and im now 32 weeks pregnant with number 4 and thats no problem coz it has 2 more seats you can put in the boot!! we will only have 1 in there though and then we will still have enough boot space for a double pram shopping and scooters!!!
    its the best car we have ever had coz there is just so much room!!!
    good luck with finding the perfect car for you!!
    vikki xx
  • Thanks girls, I'm jotting down your ideas. Keep um coming!!
  • we have just changed our cars (i had a tigra - not exactly child friendly) and BMW 3-series and got a ...dont laugh... 2yr old skoda octavia VRS. (hatchback) for ??8000 so you'd be able to find one slightly older or with higher mileage for the price you are wanting to spend.

    see our problem was, i wanted something newer yet my OH wanted something with a ''half decent'' engine. (aparantly that doesnt include tigras image)

    i must admit i sneered my nose up when my oh suggested a skoda but having looked at it the boot is absolutely HUGE it is at least double the size of the BMW, i was absolutely gobsmacked! never have a seen a car boot that big, estates, nothing! it is easily enough room!

    it has a VW engine, which aparantly is the same as the audi TT engine. which are reliable. (yes thats want i got told - i no nowt about cars - except the colour and shape - and thats all good too!) but due to the skoda badge instead, you will pay half the price!

    & oh is happy as its faster than our BMW (yet surprisingly uses lots less fuel), im happy cos i feel safer in a newer car & got loads more room.

    so after all my rambles... i guess what i'm trying to say is... id definitely recommend you at least look at this car! ha!

  • Hey guys!

    We have Vaxuall Astra and the boot is massive we have a son and baby on the way but my son dont need pushchair but he is in his own booter seat and our lo got a car seat and its gives out plenty of room in the back as well which is handy

    We have a choice we can put our son in front or the baby in front or both of them in the back with one adult in the back which still gives out plenty of room

    We was thinking of getting another car since we fell preggie but the MOT bloke said no point in getting another car as our car is in good nick and its R Reg which is good to hear!!!

    Good luck in what ur gonna get and do let us know!! its interesting to hear what u all got and think!!

    PS i agree with Yummy Mummy he does look like Jamie Oliver as i got to say i am his greatest fan lol

    Cheriste xxxx
  • lol i'll let you know. I'm open minded at this point so I won't sneer my nose at the skoda...don't know what oh will think though. But they have definitely come a long way.
  • mine isn't v practical..Astra convertible (soft top) - it is quite large so is the boot, but is only a 2 door and diff to get in/out the back! We went to look at "normal" astra's, but the book price to trade my car in was pants!!!! Back to square one again!!
  • Why don't you try selling your car privately. You'll get a much better deal that way. Then use the extra money towards a new astra?
  • We are thinking of doing that and to be fair the salesman said to sell it spring/summer as more people want a convertible at that time and may get more for it!
  • That's true. not many people have spare cash after Christmas & don't want to brave the cold car hunting lol!
  • we have a toyota previa. Its a fab car. Electric opening doors and boot so when i approaching I can flick switch and by time I get there both doors and boot are open. It is 7 seater with enough boot space for pushchair, shopping etc. We having our 5th so need all 7 seats. The 2nd row only has 2 seats so you can easily go through middle to get into back. The back row is 3 full seat with full seatbelts. its isofix and even has dvd player! Kids love it. Not sure on price though as we live abroad and cars here are cheaper. Not sure on fuel but seems economical. Fuel is only about 11p a litre here so we hardly take note! i drive a lot and only fill up once a week so cant be that bad!
    Also driven the picasso and the new renault with 3rd row of seats. They are all great cars as it the galaxy.
    Good Luck
    d x
  • My sister has 2 kids - little girly who is just over 2yrs and little fella who is nearly 2 months.

    They have a Renault Scenic and it suits them well - there is room in the back to squeeze in me or Mum when we go out with them and the boot is very very roomy.

    I'm looking for a new car at the moment, but being silly and looking for a small city type car! I only commute to and from work as we use my husband's company car (a BMW so a perfect 'family' car) the rest of the time. Now we have agreed to start TTC in June, I'm thinking of getting a 5 door instead of a 3 door, but I'll still only get a little city type car as it'll suit me fine until we decide to grow the family bigger...!!!

    Good luck!
  • We have changed from a mondeo to a Citreon Picasso and we love it!!!! Having the 3 individual seats in the back is a godsend and the boots are huge. I have a 2 yr old and a 11yr old and they love seeing everything out the windows and when little one arrives there will still be room for all of us.

    Sara x
  • According to Mothercare the Vauxhall Vectra (which we have) is one of the worst cars to correctly fit a 2nd stage car seat (9 months-4 years) because the seatbelt stalk is too long meaning that in the event of an accident the seatbelt will break open and the car seat will be loose in the back of the car.
    Anyone know anything about this or anyone else have a Vectra?
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