to all mums with SPD - Blue badge for car

thought I would share my experience with you, it might help some others.

I have severe SPD (symphisis pubis dysfunction) and am on crutches and also using a wheelchair to get out and about. I have had the pain from 15 weeks, but crutches from 23 weeks, I'm now 37 +1 weeks.

I applied for a temporary disabled pass a couple of months ago , thought it was worth a try. I eventually got an apt to see a dr last week for an 'assessment'. He didn't ask me anything about what I was like or the condition, he said he made most of his decisions as people walked in the door (or hobbled in my case).

So to cut a long story short - he has given me a pass for a year! It isn't here yet and baby is due in less than 3 weeks but it will worth having as I don't know how bad I'll be after birth.

So for anyone else out there struggling - give it a shot - contact your local council and write them a letter.

Hope it helps someone else. I got this tip from the which have loads of useful tips.



  • Thanks Jac!

    I am now 30 +1 and having my section at 38 wks but the SPD has definately got worse in the last couple of weeks.

    I have just been to that website and am printing off some interesting stuff but I just want to ask - how do you cope with the wheelchair? It might sound stupid but I am now vitually housebound coz I cant walk far at all - even with my crutches! I cant stand the thought of not being able to go anywhere for the next 8 wks but cannot get over the "mental block" of being in a wheelchair! Tbh I also wouldnt have a clue about how to get one! Any advise would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Love Lee xxxxx
  • Hi Lee
    I'm sorry to hear your as bad, you sound just like me - I can just about walk into the dr's and back to car but that's it - the pain is too bad after that - so I totally sympathise!

    To be honest, when I first got the crutches and my sister suggested taking me shopping and getting one of these hired motorised scooters - I was like 'no way' I couldn't imagine it and like you had a total mental block. But we have been decorating 4 rooms over the last 2 months (the royal we you understand) and I had to have a choice in what was bought! Our B&Q is huge and there was no way I could manage round it on crutches so we bit the bullet one day and got an electric one there - I was so embarrassed but no-one batted an eyelid! Once I got used to it I loved the fact I could actually have a sense of freedom back with very little pain cause I was sitting. Ok, you can't sit for too long but it was fantastic to get about!

    I borrowed the chair off a friend who had one for her daughter and doesn't use it now, but my midwife told me the physio would have been able to get me one.
    Are you seeing a physio? Give them a call or ask your midwife to find out. Even the hosp might be able to help out. If not, then if you have a local Red Cross office anywhere near, they will normally lend you one too.

    Of course you need to have someone to take you, to get it in and out of the car, but you should honestly try - because you sound just like me - totally frustrated!

    Are you taking stronger painkillers? I had posted some tips on SPD before, if you can't find them give me a shout - hopefully some of them might help you.

    I had good news today when I went to the hosp - my baby had been breech and was fully expecting a date for a section, but he has turned!! Its means I just have to wait patiently, that's the only thing, but it also means I can try for my water birth like I wanted, so I'm pleased.

    I wish you all the best Lee, if there is anything at all you want to ask, or moan about - give me a shout - I wouldn't wish this on anybody but its comforting knowing your not alone!

    luv Jac
  • Thanks for that Jac,

    I have emailed you but I would like to add - brill news about lo turning! If I wasnt having a section, I would have loved a water birth but coz have previously had 2 sections gonna keep it that way! I know what to expect and I know how many days til the SPD is gone (fingers crossed, touch wood, etc etc).

    Have you got to have your water birth at hospital coz of the SPD or can you have it at home? Its fantastic that you get to have the birth of your choice now. These lo's really can put us through it cant they lol

    Love Lee

  • ooo, I wonder if that would work with Buses? I don't drive, I used to walk every where but now I'm practically house bound as it cost ??3 for a trip to town, a walk that used to take me 20/30 min!! plus it's correct change only so I I have no money I have to go to the local shop, withdraw ??10 and then go buy some thing, just so I can pop into town. Old and disabled get free passes, but really think SPD sufferes should get them too. I'm so bored at home I've started playing World of Warcraft LOL!!
  • Thanks ladies
    Lee - I've emailed you back. Didn't even ask for a home birth though - think I'd rather be at hosp in case anything goes wrong, first birth was a forceps, 2nd easy so don't know which way it will go? Getting excited now though....can't wait to meet him.

    Lara - so nice to hear from you - congratulations and well done! I'm so pleased the spd is better. I am very lucky my result for GBS came back negative this week, so that's one less thing to worry about.
    Chloe sounds gorgeous - bet you are so happy, in amongst the tiredness.

    I'm knacked today - went to meet some colleagues from work for lunch - just to remind them I'm here really - I've not been at work since Jan! Spent the rest of the day in bed, so just catching up online now.

    Take it easy ladies
    luv Jac
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