Is "the show" always blood stained?


Sorry if tmi straight away!!!! I was wondering if the show is always blood stained. I'm fairly sure I had it this evening. When going to the toliet I wiped and a huge very thick gloop was on the tissue paper but it was clear with yellow tinge to it. My discharge has got thicker but this was completely different very thick and about the size of half a golf ball. Does that sound like a show to you?

Dawn 36wks


  • Hmm, could be from how much was there. Mine was streaked with blood, and came out part way though labour, so I don't know of timing has anything to do with it. I'd give your midwife a call to check if I were you. Could be a long time before anything happens though, as the show, or at least some of it, can turn up a couple of weeks or more before the baby does xx
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