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just spoken to the midwife at the ante natal clinic as i still haven't recieve my bookin in appointment . I'm nine weeks pregnant, and have recieved my scan date for the 18th march so thought i'd give them a ring just to check it hasn't been missed. The midwife i spoke to said that because i'm out of area (i've chose to have the baby at the hospital i work at as a nurse not my local hospital) i won't get a booking in appointment!!! She said just bring your notes to the scan, i told her i haven't got any as i haven't seen a midwife yet. she's going to give me some when i go for my scan so i can fill them in, and then they'll do bloods after the scan. I'm really upset by this as i feel that i'm being treat differently because i'm out of area, and i now don't know if i want to have my baby there if this is how there going to treat me. This actually upset me so much it made me cry, am i just being over sensitive or does this seem really unfair???? :cry:


  • it does seem rather unfair! i'd speak to CAB anbout it as surely EVERY pregnant mother needs a booking in appt to get to know midwifes and get the basic info down! jump on her head! (sorry feeling a lil aggressive 2day!)
  • Im like Skida, and have only seen my mw once at wat they called a booking in appt (but dint seem like that to me). I thought i wud see my mw agen at 25wks but after reading my notes i realised i dnt get seen til 28wks coz its my 2nd baby? WAT THE HELL DOES THAT MATTER, each pregnancy is different. I have 2 scans in between but they dnt involve a mw just sonographer, unless sumfing is wrong. I think all maternity units are really understaffed and way over-stretch and as a result we r been treated like sh*t. Kerry xxx

  • I'm afraid that it's standard NHS practise that you don't see the midwife as often for your second pregnancy. I saw mine at 18 weeks but I don't see her again now until 28 weeks, I guess that the theory is that second time round you have a better idea what should be going on.

    Girlinleeds, which hospital are you going to? I live halfway between Leeds and Wakefield, I have a Wakefield postcode but I count as Leeds health authourity. Last time round I gave birth at St.James' but I wasn't really happy so this time I am going to Pontefract and it is causing huge problems! Because my community midwife is in a different area to the hospital no one seems to know what the other one is doing! I didn't get a proper booking appointment because the both thought the other ones were doing it, it might be worth seeing if you can speak to the local community midwifes because maybe they should be doing your booking?
  • I think it all depends which health authority you are with. My booking in appointment and my 12 week scan were both done at the same time (13+4) and I now alternate appointments with doc and midwife. I think you should get some form of booking in as they need to ask all the questions and take your bloods etc, but it sounds like they will do that at the same time as your scan anyway so I wouldn't worry.
  • hi thanks for all your responses, i do feel better now i know that i'm not the only one being messed about by the midwife. Bedhead i live between leeds and bradford but because i work at the LGI it makes more sence to have the baby there, but i'm in the bradford health authority so that's where the problem is coming from, i gues i'll just have to see what happens at the scan xx
  • I'm sure they'll sort it out. Leeds health authority tend to leave everything apart from scans to the community midwifes so that is probably whats causing the problem. Hope you get everything sorted, Kerry xx
  • I've not seen the same person in with mw, 16 wk appmt with temp mw as mine has left, 12 & 20 week scans with diff sonographers. Have 27wk appmt next week, so expect that'll be someone diff again!!
    This is my first, so really didn't know what to expect!
    I hope everything sorts itself out for you.
    Sarah xx
  • i'm in the same boat - am 15 weeks now and haven't had a proper midwife appointment yet, ended up having a booking in 2 days before my scan and only because i pushed for it and went to their office to see them out of my way and then it was just with a student to get the forms filled in. I have my 16 week next week and i'm not sure who i'm seeing but i think not having a proper midwife is more the norm than not unfortunatley! Hope you get a booking in sorted..xx
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