when do you start to feel braxton hicks

hi i am 21 week and starting feel braxton hicks and they feel stronger than this time around . Is it then the more babies you have the stronger they get. How do they feel to you


  • hiya, Im the same as you - 21 weeks and i have started having them. They do feel uncomfortable and seem to happen most of the day. Dont know if thats normal or what? Was thinking maybe i will go earlier than my due date ( 16th April).
  • hi katy thanks for that is this first child i hope we do go earlier i am due on 19th April
  • i have had bh from early in pregnancy... i never had them in my other 2 pregnancies... my mum seems to think that i will have lo early.......heres a link about bh if it helps


    Lisa x


  • Hey ladies
    I hate to disappoint but I had quite painful braxton hicks from around 20 weeks last pg and went 8 days overdue!!! Is def a good sign for labour when it does happen if they are nice n strong now! Just not sure if bh and baby coming early are related - maybe just me, practically needed dynamite to blast baby out!!!
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