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so tired!

im only 4 weeks pg n im usually tired by the end of the day after running about after my son and dont usually want to sleep this early, but i had just fell asleep and slept for probably a hour n i probably would've slept longer but i was rudely awaken by 16 month old son who thought it would be funny to try and poor juice on me so now i had to get changed because i had a wet bum! its funny i know n i'll probably laugh about it in an hour or so's time but because im tired im just abit annoyed plus my oh just sat watchin footy stuffing his face with popcorn just watchin whats going on but doin nothing!
cant remember being tired already when i was pg with my son!
anybody else quite tired?

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  • I was relly tired at the start of my pregnancy and i went to see a homopath who told me before the babies kidneys are developed yours are having to work twice as had which makes you feel tired so she told me to take a half dose of liquid Milk Thistle (1/2 ml 3 times a day) for the first few months. and it really did seem to help.It wasn't a miricle cure but i did feel better. x
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