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can too many abdominal scans harm the baby at all?

i have already had a 9 week private scan and had my nhs 12 week one. but we are so excited ( this is our first!) and my oh really wants to know the sex as soon as poss! so he wants a private sexing one at 16 weeks but i have got a 20 week one to and then we def want a 4d one!! it is a lot of scans!! if in anyway it can harm the baby i will tell him we can't have the sexing scan. but he is just soooooooo excited and wants to get it for me for my birthday present! anyone know??


  • There has been a lot of talk (article in P&b mag this month one example) about too many scans, I think they recommend that you just stick to the ones that the hospital provide and if you really want to, have one 3D or one 4D scan only.
    Hope this helps?
  • thanks for ur advice! my hubby really wants it and we have found one near us that do it at 16 weeks which i will be next friday!! day after my birthday! i have looked it up on the net and have only found stuff saying its fine as its not an x-ray so theres no radiation its just sound waves that can no way cause any harm. xxx
  • There's no evidence at all that it does any harm!

    My oh's mum had a premmie baby and was told not to have any more, anyway she got pregnant with my oh and had to be scanned every fortnight for the entire pregnancy....come to think of it maybe that's whats wrong with him!! :lol:
  • Haha, it looks OK in that pic, but in real life its covered in stretch marks and a horrible scar where my belly bar was! xxx
  • Although I don't think that the scans do any harm I would be reluctant to fork out at 16 weeks just to find out the sex. This is really early to be able to tell so you might find you paid for it for nothing!
  • Had about 10 scans due to bleeding and baby not moving when i was pregnant with LO, he's fine. Agree with bedhead about sexing scan though, may not be able to see and its not definite anyway.
    Does your 20 week scan not tell you at your hospital i take it? Could wait til your 4d scan to find out sex if you really desperate. Good luck with whatever you decide.
    Filo x
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