Discharge & Lumps in vaginal area

Wondering if you can help me. My partner is approx 19weeks pregnant, lately she has been having alot of discharge causing itching and it making her very sore.
Also she has boil like lump appearing in the vaginal area, not sure if these are caused due to the above.
Is it normal for these things to happen?? What is your best approach in order to calm/prevent it??
Many thanks


  • Hi Michael
    Sorry to hear your partner is having some trouble at the mo.
    I have had similar problems during my first pregnancy and my advice is for her to go and see the doctor. The boil like lump could be due to increased moisture or different skin conditions. has she had boils anywhere else? the only thing she can do is to keep the area as clean and dry as poss, avoid products like bubble baths and shower gels, and to place a hot flannel on the area a few times a day for half hr at at time to help draw poisons out. The discharge/itching sounds like thrush maybe so i would definitely go to GP.
    I know from experience how painful and awful the boils can be so i really hope she feels better really soon.
    Hope that helps, good luck with it
    Claudia xxx
  • thanks for that - had a word with my partner and she is going to try the hot flannel as you said, hopefully will help!
    Thanks again - hope all is well with you. Michael x
  • i'd agree with the thrush for discharge and seeing the GP about sorting the boil like lump as it may rupture and cause further problems.... a good treatment for thrush is natural bio yoghurt inserted and on surfce but she may need proper medication for it. really try to convince her about docs as they are trained to help hun.. Good luck in the pregnancy and its noice to see a man on here imagemile:
  • thanks will pass that on....I'm surprised you say that surely I cant be the only confused male out there :S lol x
  • All men are confused lol just only a couple admit it image
  • I would suggest a trip to the GP - at 28 weeks it was found I have an infection around the cervix which can cause premature labour - so always best to get these things checked out.
  • Hello!

    I had the same thing at about the same time! I went to the GP and it was a blocked gland because of an increase in discharge. I had to have antibiotics but it cleared up straight away. Definately go tho because my doc said there was a risk of it gettin bigger and that means she would have to have it lanced!!!!! YAK!

    Hope it gets better coz I know how uncomfortable it is!

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