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Can I use a hot tub....

whilst pregnant?

Hubby has booked us a week break at easter to a lovely romantic cottage.
it has a hot tub.
I'll be around 21ish weeks by then.
Are they safe to use?




  • I don't think they are hun, they advise to avoid sauna's, jacuzzi's etc. It's more of a concern in the first trimester but i think it's best avoided xx
  • i thought it might be the case - ahhh how will i keep myself out of it??
  • I booked a weekend away for my hubbys birthday in Oct and I was about 11wks. They had a hot tub and I asked MW if I could use it.

    She said it was ok as long as you dont have the water above 38'Oc. She said if you have a waer birth this is the temp they try and keep to (between 37-38'Oc) Me and my mate who were both pregnant went in and really enjoyed it. We only stayed in for about 20-30 mins at most.

    Hope that helps.
  • oh yeh, maybe it'll be one that you can set the tempertaure on-you just don't want your body temp to go up too much, so as dinks says, around 37 degrees would be fine x
  • ah i might be able to give it a go then. ill be well into 2nd trimester so hopefully be ok.
  • Most of them you can adjust the temp. Enjoy it if you get the chance! It really made me seriously consider a water birth.

    Where abouts are you going?
  • Hey MrsN, how strange me and family are going to a lovely cottage which has a hot tub begining March will be about 21 weeks.

    We've been to this cottage before and its just lovely. The people that own it are doctors and I emailed him to ask him if I could go in and he said no, he said something about the temps but still advised me not to go in it at all, however, when I was 30 ish weeks with my daughter me and hubby went away for our anniversary and I went in it, although it was not switched on it was just like a warm bath and it was great, so I intend to do that again, I'll just come out when they switch it on.

  • Down to Cornwall. He's booked this little cottage and its got a hot tub on the decking. Some serious pamper time for me!!!
  • I think its NO in your first trimester (up to 13 weeks) but I think if you have the temp around 36 degrees after 13 weeks yes you can use them. Plus you shouldn't stay in them longer than 15-mins I think I read somewhere.

    My Mum and Dad got a hot tub last year and I couldn't use it all summer!!! Can't wait to get baby Angus in there and get him used to water!!! (bubbles off though!)

    Joo xxx
  • i'm afraid not, pregnant women are supposed to avoid hot tubs and jacuzzis

    "The use of saunas, steam baths and hot tubs may also cause over-heating. There is some evidence that over-heating during pregnancy may cause damage to the baby's developing nervous system. ("Overheating" does not mean simply getting a bit hot and bothered in the summer; or enjoying a warm bath in the winter; it means getting so hot that your core temperature rises and even the amniotic fluid in which your baby floats starts heating up. This is only likely to happen if you exercise for long periods in the hot sun without rest breaks and extra fluids - or if your body cannot lose heat by sweating effectively, as in a sauna or hot tub.) "

    hope this helps
  • ah dont know what to do now - anyway maybe best to do it a miss - gutted.
  • yeah i think wrap up in a hot toweling robe and fet in is the way to go for me - then maybe a quick jump in when the lid has been off for ages and its cooled down.
  • i told hubby last night i didn't think i could use it - he was sweet and said he wouldn't either!!
  • I'm 33 weeks and 3 days , im getting married in Two days and my mother got me and my better half a hotel room with a hot tub... is it safe for me to get in? maybe just my legs and feet?

  • I'm 33 weeks and 3 days pregnant .. i'm getting married sat 9in 2 days) and my mom has booked me and my better half a hotel room w/ a hot tub in it... is it safe for me to use?? 

    maybe my legs and feet??


  • Hello, can I just add I used Google for it and asked my midwife and was told by both that I could use them aslong as its not longer than 10-15minutes and my baby (due 11/17) loves it he kicks happily and he is a healthy growing boy. When I have a hot baths he also kicks and Ive been having hot baths since the beginning. Maybe some mums are different but I cant stand coldish baths its gotta be nice and hot (well to what I can handle and I go by skin no thermometer needed, I use my toes to test). Ive been going in the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi at my local leisure centre since I was 24 weeks, Im not 33 weeks and like I said my son is growing healthy and strong. image

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