New and unsure about my symptons

Hello All

I found at the weekend that I am pregnant after doing 2 tests on Friday and again on Saturday after trying for 5 months.

Feeling cramping a little like period pains which is a little disconcerting and had diahorrea today (sorry if too much info) and sore breasts and very hungary.

Can anyone tell me if this sounds normal? and how soon I should book my doctors appointment?

sorry for all the questions, new to all this and all I hear is how high the percentage of m/c are in the first 12 weeks.




  • Hiya,
    Congratulations on your wonderful news! Try not to worry, I know its hard not to in the first 12 wks. The symptoms do sound familiar, and the cramping can be the implantation of the egg. The only difference is I havnt experienced and diahorrea with my 2 kids.
    You can contact your local midwifery unit to make a booking in appointment for when you are between 8 and 12 wks.
    Good luck, I wish you all the best.
    Steph. x
  • Congrats on your good news!

    Enjoy the symptoms - great arent they (not). Look forward to the very sore boobs, sickness, etc etc :lol:

    You do find out coming on this forum that a lot of things are normal and give great advice if not they point you in the right direction. Personally, I have had the period pain every time I would have been due on and yes, it is normal (found out here).

    Take care, love Lee x
  • hi, as everyone else has said it is normal to have the crampy pains.

    however, re: appts etc I would ring your gp surgery to find out what the process is in your area. It can be very different depending on where you live. some docs dont do a formal test and i arranged my booking in appt when i was 6 weeks.

    good luck with the pregnancy!
  • Hi dont worry i am on my third pg and have had diahorrea every time and the period cramps are normal could be egg implantation or uterus stretching to accomodate the pg. congratulations on your good news taake care.
    vikki xx
  • Hi there congratulations and everything you are feeling is perfectly normal. I had crampy pains, esp. at night and was starving like I hadn't eaten for days most of the time. Get in touch with your surgery asap (I went to the docs first at 5 weeks) so that they have it on your records. The process is different everywhere but they organised my booking in appointment and scan for me. Good luck and take it easy.
  • hey hun congratulations on the pregnancy -
    i had all the same symptoms as you except i wasnt hungry i just felt sick but the sore boobs and number 2's was the same. i also had the cramping pains but no period like all the other lovely ladies have said thats normal =] you should make ur docs appt as soon as possible hun and get the ball rolling. congrats again & all the best xxx
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