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arghhhh!!!!-i want to kill him or just want him to be preggers for a week,let him know what it is like,am 34 weeks pregnant can hardly walk and in constant pain,also running after a toddler,housework etc etc, you all know the story,he told me this morning that i looked like a really fat homer simpson waddling about the house,and he doesnt help out,he just keeps saying,you wanted it you can put up with it,does anyone else have a man like mine,im going to send him back to his parents and they can put up with him.LOL


  • ahh bless you, hope myne is better ( lol sorry!) he was awfully selfish at first,but i gave him a right talking to!!! told him would rather do it on my own if he is no use to me,nearly threw him out n everything lol im 15 wks coming up,and have my man trained, well, best i can lol, he doin alot of housework and helping with my daughter, even did the shopping yesterday!!!! although,we all have terrible flu,so he still feeling more sorry for himself,but you cant win em all can you lol bless you, hope hell be bit better when baby comes along, youll need it then!! not sure how myne will be yet as its his first!! tk care xx
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