Heart Burn

Anyone got any advice as to help releive this awful problem??
I am now 14 weeks and over my morning sickness,(Thank God) but heartburn is getting the best of me.
I've tried milk, then rennie, then Gaviscon, but all last about 10 mins, then same problem. I heared that Milk of Magnesia is good, but need to ask doctor before I can take!! Ahhhhhh does anyone know if I can take this???


  • Ask your pharmacist cos they'll know what you can and can't take, or ring the doctors.

    Heartburn is horrible, I tend to get it as soon as I lie down in bed. Weird...I'm not sure why. It's not bad but it does happen more than before I was pregnant. Sometimes I cough deliberately and that gets rid of it...god knows why but it seems to work! Philippa 16+4 x x x
  • I cant help witht he question you have answered but have you tried elimination... I love onions but find that they give me real bad heartburn and have had to cut them out as much as possible

    Hope you get it sorted to as it is a pain

    x x x
  • have you tried the extra strong gaviscom? i'm living off the stuff again at the mo- and i can get it on prescription so it saves some money.

  • Hi, I have been very lucky and not suffered from heartburn but in my pregnancy bilble(!) it says to try and reduce it by eating little and often and not to lie down after a meal as it hinders your body trying to digest the food. Also try avoid anything too fatty or fried as often this makes it much worse too.

    Hope this helps!

    Liz xx
  • I also get terrible heartburn. I've got a hiatus hernia where the stomach valve isn't like everybody elses and acid can escape into the food pipe easily even when I'm not pregnant.
    The best advice I can give you is food elimination to start with (prevention is better than cure and all that!) The worst culprits for producing lots of acid are: Citrus fruits (including juices), all things tomatoes, chocolate (sorry!), coffee, anything spicy or fatty/greasy. Some of these foods might not bother you so you could try one at a time.
    In the meantime, the doctor can prescribe you Gaviscon Advance which is soooo thick and really helps. I'm 29+6 now and have been swigging it out of the bottle for relief it gives me!!
    Good luck x
  • Avoid oranges! I also found that co-ops own make of heartburn medicine worked really well. Don't know if it'll work for you, but it's worth a try as it's really cheap too.
  • Hi,
    My midwife recommended Gaviscon and it seems to be working for me. I hadn't thought about getting it on prescription-worth a try with our NHS maternity exemption cards...
    Hope you feel better soon,

  • HI I have terrible heartburn and I just phoned the surgery and asked for some gaviscon and got a very large bottle on perscription free. Its gaviscon advanced and works wonders, I to swig it from the bottle.

  • Am using gaviscon chews but will defo be getting free prescription from docs. Also if you are caught short milk can be quite good - have just knocked back half a pint! Problem is am now hoping to keep it down coz of the bloody sickness!
  • hi i had terrible heartburn from 6 weeks! its was horrendous and also sickness until 5 months which led to being in hosp due to not eating properly. only thing that worked for a short while was gaviscon advance which i got through 7 litres and was still drinking it until the minute i went in labour then it went completely! xx
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