13yr old becomes a father!


Have to say I honestly thought this was a wind up when I first heard about it. I can't believe this little lad was having sex at 12 years old. I had barely kissed a boy at that age! I am shocked that the girls mother allowed him to stay over, my dad used go mad if a boy so much as knocked at the door!

Cat xxx


  • My son is 12 and looks just as young, im sure he doesnt even know what his winky is for let alone considering having sex, I think its disgusting!
  • oh thats awful he looks alot younger! i dont think i had even kissed a boy at that age!! my dad made my bf's sleep on the sofa even when i was 17!!!
  • i cant believe this!! dnt know what to say to be honest its shocking!! xx
  • Some boys are really interested in girls when they're that young. I know a guy who lost his virginity at 13, but he did have the sense to use a condom. What shocks me is that these kids' parents hadn't prepared them at all - not only did they not think about waiting for sex until they were older, but they didn't think to use contraception! We really need to teach our kids about this stuff when they are young, because some do want to experiment earlier than others.
  • Oh my god! He looks soooo young.
  • He really does only look aout 7 or 8. I could have cried when he was asked how would they cope financially, to which he replied "What's that?" Says it all really xxx

    Cat 14+6
  • OMG!!! My mum and dad took myself and my boyfriend (now my hubby) on holiday with them 10yrs ago when i was 19 and my dad paid an extra 100 quid to get a 3 bed apartment so boyfriend and i weren't in same room let alone same bed!!!!!

    Suzi 38+3 xxxx
  • i found it scary enough telling my mum i was pregnant at 19(and we used contraception) let alone these childrens ages (and i was 20 by the time my daughter was born) but i was so scared.
    the responsibily does lie with the praents of these barely teenagers.
    my husband says its a disgrace!
  • Totally agree wannababy!!!! Im 29, married to a guy i have been with for 11 years and pregnant with first child which we both planned and i was still very scared about telling my dad i was pregnant. He's quite old fashioned and very protective and im the youngest of 2 daughters so to him i suppose i'll always be his little girl but telling him was like announcing to him that i do have sex!!!! :roll: (even although i guess he would think that, it's another thing to bring it to his attention by announcing im pregnant!!!!). He was happy for us though!!! :\)

    Suzi 38+3 xxx

  • omg!! thats shocking, he looks so young, how are they going to provide for the baby?
  • I think its a disgrace. What exactly were these childrens parents doing whilst they were off having sex?
    That poor child does not stand a chance. How can it, it is being brought up by one young mum and a scarily young dad.
    Has anyone seen any comments from the proud 'grandparents' ?
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    I can NOT beleive it!!!!! He looks SO young!!!!! I'm in shock!!!!

    20+1 x
  • i dont know what to say i ahve a 13 yr old son and well all he is interested in is xbox and playststion, i cannot believe that parents allow this to happen, and they do allow it to happen, at 12 and 13 you should know where your child is at all times and i deffo wouldnt allow girls in his room on their own i mean you dont know how far experimenting would go if they went down that route, my daughter is 16 and i know at all times where she is and who with , i am sorry but i do blame the parents of this boy and girl, they allowed this to happen.
  • This is shocking... Where were their parents?!
  • can not believe it, he looks so young. xx
  • God he looks so young, no older than my 6 year old! I'm suprised he was capable to be honest. I know their parents should have been more aware of what was going on, but i have to say, i have VERY strict parents, and i was still off doing allsorts at the age of 14. Even if they hadnt been allowed in their bedroom together, that doesnt really mean much to be honest. My boyfriend wasnt even allowed in my house at that age, so instead we went to his sisters garage (classy i know) or the park, or friends houses when their parents were out. Its sad, but it could happen to anyone unfortunately. I just hope that now its done and theres nothing to be done about it they will get the support they are going to need for the next however many years, and wish them luck, its not going to be easy! x
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