any welsh speakers?

We'd like Evan as a middle name but i'd like to use the welsh spelling and pronunciation but i can't find it anywhere-it's so confussing! Can anyone help?xx


  • Im not Wesh but lived in around Caernarfon / Bangor for 10 years. I thought Evan was Ifan in Welsh. could be wrong somebody Welsh probably be able to help you more. x
  • hi hun i can speak some welsh (ooh i feel proud saying that lol ) i think its efan ....still pronounced the same as evan xxxx
  • It's definetly spelt Evan but there are lots of other derivatives of it and it's pronounced Evan. It's a traditional welsh name Evan (we liked it but our surname is Evans) I have a welsh names book at home and can double check tonight! xx
  • I am a welsh speaker and the welsh version is spelt Ifan.

  • ok so their is lots of different ways of spelling it friends little boy is efan ..said e- fan ...i think if its spelt evan ...its pronounce eh-van ...and if spelt ifan its pronounced ...e(a-b-c-d-E) van ..does that make any sense :lol: xxxxxxxxxxx
  • I speak welsh and i'd say it was Ifan or as chuffedbaby2 says Efan as there's no V in the welsh alphabet.
  • Thanks ladies-it's so confussing! I think we might have to stick to the English version as im due monday and i'd hate to get it wrong!xx
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