hi all well for those who have followed my past posts u will see i had a horrid time at work my boss was not supportive at all and i couldnt wait to finish.......i was due to finish in 2 weeks but i havnt been well so the doc signed me off sick .....i couldnt afford sick pay soooooi have started my maternity yipeeeeeee......i no longer work for tesco and it feels great what will i do for 9 more weeks hmmm let me think ............nothing (except look after my gorgeous but demanding 2 and a half year old son hope u ladies and bumps are all well xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lisa 30&6


  • whoop whoop! I cant wait to finish either I hate this place!


  • Am glad i'm finished as xmas is always busy and wont be back til next september. Andddddd relaaaaaxxxxxx.
    Filo x
  • i finish on wednesday and its not a day too soon i feel rubbish at the mo its a huge effort getting out of bed at the mo and just feel really poo!! enjoy the time i cannot wait to spend abit of time with my 3 year old x x x
  • i finished work early due to health problems, but im now so so bored but im glad i don't have to work i don't think i could of worked up to the end like some women do! i need to sleep loads these days,
  • Ive been off work sick since i was 8 wks pregnant with another medical problem which made the pregnancy worse!! Now i am 37 + 4 and quite used to being off and not going back till next sept! it is going to be a huge shock to the sysytem when i do have to go back tho! xx
  • yea mrs takers and so far today i have ......ummm been on be and fb brekkie for jack ......filled the dishwaher and hoovered the kitchen floor ....back on be while jack watches finding nemo ....i cant think of a better way to relax eh ......xxxxx
  • yay for you!! i finished work 10 days ago and im frinding it less stressful being at home and not worrying about fitting in housework and son after work as i was exhausted!
    but i love my job very much and i miss my colleagues and the adult conversation and laughter!
    i have been back to visit twice since i finshed lol!
    but then my bosses were very supportive so im really lucky. i have just cleaned all the doors upstairs and all the windows lol!
    i just wish i could go to bed! my 18 month old son wont allow that! x
  • well hayley as im only on day 1 i havnt done alot in the way of house work in fact i have spent the majority of my day on here ...oops oh will be home soon and i will have to get off lol.....i did clean the kitchen a bit though ......and like u say its not like we can rest with lo's at home too eh xxxxx
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