not sleeping at 10 weeks

Im 10 weeks pregnant and for the last few nights I cant sleep, im lucky to get about 2 hours and then im tossing and turning for the rest...not taking naps during the day so i cant nderstand why im so completely exhausted and due back to work on wed, wondering if this is normal an worried there might be something wrong!:\(


  • im the same as you i havent slept properly for the past 3 weeks a warm bath with lavendar helps me sometimes havent really got any good advice just wanted to let you know your not alone. i have been off work because off this for 2 weeks

    im 10+4 weeks
  • I found i had a lot of sleepless nights whilst pregnant too but just as i think I am getting fed up of sleepless nights I seem to have a few good nights that make me feel better. I found a bath did help and also not eating too late.
  • hi i have been the same im 9+4wks, dont really have any good ideas, i do rest in afternoon and read a book at night before bed. slpet better last night!

    glad im not the only one hope it gets better for us all soon.

    take care becs xx
  • I'm the same, I can wake anything up to 5 times a night needing the loo and then I take ages to get back to sleep. I don't go back to work until next Monday and am dreading it as in the run up to Christmas I was shattered but got away with it at work by doing nice Christmas activities and not any 'proper' teaching! But now Christmas is gone I have to start doing 'proper' teaching again! I find the afternoons are the worst, from about 1.30ish I could just curl up and sleep!
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