sugar in my urine

Hi ladies

I have just been for a MW check up and I have ++ sugar in my urine. I am only 26 + 4 but the midwife did not seem too worried, just said she would send my for GTT test which I was already booked in for on Friday anyway. I did eat All bran with strawberries on for breakfast and put a spoonful of sugar over it, this was before peeing in my pot, and she said that could have been it? Do I need to be worried? SHe said I should cut out sugar altogether and I am now copletely panicked!! Has anyone else had sugar in their urine and been fine? And does this mean I will fail the GTT on Friday? Also, baby measured 28 weeks, so 1 and a bit over, and that made me panic more!!! Am I eating too much sugar and making baby fat?? AAAh, I am going mental!!

Any advice ladies, just to keep me sane please :\(


  • hello, just poping over from TTC, you shouldnt excreate sugar in your urine and sprinkling sugar on your cereal would not make you wee it out!!
    Glucose in urine can mean your body is not using it properly, did she do a blood sugar on you then? (a pin prick to finger). women are monitored in pregnancy as some ladies can develop gestational diabetes. i wouldnt worry to much if you are going for bloods on fri but do make sure they are fasting bloods and ask for a sugar test (a1c i think its called, it measures your average glucose level over thr last 3 months) it is only harmful if you have very erratic sugars and are unwell, it might just be one of those things but best to get checked x

    hope all is well
  • It could just be that you had been eating too much sugar - although aa spoonfull on your cereal shouldn't have caused it, also, it would take some time to filter through your system. (A massive cream cake fest the day before would be nearer the mark).

    Could be a sign of gestational diabetes, but equally it might just be one of those things. Try not to worry until you know more, it's good that your MW is checking you out properly.

    Take care,
  • i have glucose in my urine too, i'm going for a GTT in 2 weeks (already booked as diabetes in family). I asked for a fasting glucose instead (as i'm a baby with needles) but they wont. So cant help with what the outcome of the GTT will be but having sugar in your urine doesnt mean it will def be postitve but it does make it more likely. The results are usually available the same day and if it is pos then you can get advice for changing yor diet then.. try not to worry too much about it before.
  • Firstly, if you have sugar in your urine it is not your fault. It isn't because you have been eating too much. It is about how your body is processing it.

    It could be a sign of gestational diabetes, as you have been told. But if you do have that, again, it is not about anything you have done. There are some risk factors, but it isn't the same thing as it being your fault.

    I know all this because I was in a similar situation as you. At 32 weeks, there was sugar in my urine. I'd just had cereal, without sugar, and tea, with 1/4 tea spoon of sugar. My baby was also measuring large. They don't do GGT as standard in my area, so they sent me for the test.

    For me, the test came back negative. Other women on here told me they had had the test and it had come back negative too, so with sugar in your urine the once it doesn't mean definetly positive. But even if it is, don't worry. They will teach you how to manage your sugar levels, and one lady said it meant she'd put on very little weight during her pregnancy, which also obviously meant she slimmed back to her original size much faster.

    A long post, but really, the point is don't feel bad about it, and try not to worry too much.

    Good luck, ally x 39+2
  • Thank you very much ladies!
    I cant believe how upset I got today, considering all the things that could go wrong, I should be happy. I stopped at the chemist on my way home and bought some urine sticks to test for glucose and did one as soon as I got in... nothing! Not a trace. So I have no idea what is going on, but going to watch my sugar intake anyway and just hope for the best at the test on Friday.
    I think I am so worried because I really have my heart set on homebirth and GD will put an end to that! But its a small price to pay for a happy and healthy baby and mum!

  • I am 25 weeks pregnant and in my urine there is a trace of sugar in it but not in my urine, what this mean, am I diabetic

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