This is no fun

Is anyone else really not enjoying being pregnant? I am off work with blinding headaches and sickness AGAIN today. I'm 17 weeks, when will I start to bloom? I know it will be worth it in the end, but you've got to agree, the journey there is hard work. I feel really guilty for not enjoying it, this should be one of the best times of my life, but I have never been so ill, and it's really hard. C'mon all those of you having great pregnancies where are you, fill me with hope that I might start to enjoy this soon!


  • i think we all have our days when we don't enjoy the 9 long months of pregnancy, i have days when i just feel so down and don't whant to do this anymore. as for blooming well it may or may not happen, the only bloom i felt was my belly growing to a large size but you might be a lucky one and go through the bloom stage. when you get a bit further gone you may perk up abit coz the sickness should stop and you may get excited coz your due date is getting closer.
  • oh dear, i'm on week 8 and the sickness just feels terrible, after months of ttc i should be happy and even grateful but it's not enjoyable at the mo, and to reach week 17 gosh that would surely drive me underground, 2 weeks of this has been enough for me, but i have heard that some are sick throughout the whole 9 months, i pray to God that isn't me. This girl here wants to be blooming from week 12, even week 10 if i had my way. My friend didn't suffer an ounce of sickness when she was pregnant, in fact she didn't discover it until she was 18 weeks gone!
  • Hey hun sorry to hear your feeling poorly :\( I'm having an easy pregnancy so far and feeling well but in the first few weeks when I had sickness I wouldn't have said that! I remember at about 4 weeks when it started I was sick everything I ate & I just thought 'I don't wanna do this! I hate it already!' lol. Sounds nasty but I felt that bad and I was devastated I wasn't enjoying it too. It got easier though and from about 10 wks I've been feeling great...Sometimes I do think what a loooooong time it is and I cant believe I'm only halfway there as it's gone slow and quick at the same time...Still I'm trying to relish it cos he might be my first and my last if my oh has anything to do with it! :cry: Still I'm only 19 so got a good 20 years to change his mind, mwahahaha.
    Philippa + baby boy, 21+4 x x x
  • Jess I had terrible sickness and it was mostly gone by 10 weeks - so there is hope lol.
  • I know what your oh means, tigerlily, there will be no more juniors in this family if my hubby has his way too. He almost finds it harder than me cos he feels so helpless that I am ill.
    It's easy for them to make those decisions though, they don't realise our life is ruled by hormones!!
  • thanks tiger lilly you give me hope!
  • Hi
    I am so grateful for your post. I feel the same.
    I will be 12 weeks pregnant on christmas day.

    I have endometriosis and getting pregnant has been a struggle I have had 3 previous miscarriages and this pregnancy fingers crossed is all ok so far. Infact the longest I have carried.

    I am very very grateful for this pregnancy but god I feel so pants!

    The sickness has been 24-7 and now when I go out thats when Im up to it, I have to make sure someone is with me as I have been sick in public several times which I found so distressing.

    I have pelvic cramps where my uterus is growing but made worse by adhesions from endo.
    Gosh I am having a good moan.
    Anyway its just nice to know its not abnormal to feel rubbish in pregnancy which I have been informed by consultant.

    I am having moments of feeling low re, worry of miscarring again and pain, sickness etc but I only have to be in the company of my friends children to think this will all be worth it in the end.

    I do hope you start to feel better soon and have a nice christmas x
  • Hey gibmo! I'm so grateful for your post. I have endometriosis and was trying for 7 years before falling pregnant in August. I'm so thrilled but feel so, so bad! I've been of work since September with hyperemesis, infections and pain (probably due to adhesions and cysts on my ovary). It's just so great to know that other people feel the same!

    Here's to healthy pregnancies for us all! Have a great Christmas.

    Hels (20 weeks today) xxx
  • Hi Helsbells
    Congratulations on your pregnancy.
    Thanks for replying to my post, its lovely to hear from a fellow endo sufferer.
    It sounds like your in a bad way too.
    Can I ask how bad was your endo pain before you were pregnant?
    Also are you taking any painkillers? If so what?
    I know are pregnancies are treated differently with endo as usually painkillers are a no no.
    My endo was so bad that pretty much every period I had to take morphine obviously I am no longer taking it.

    Big hug
  • Hello ladies, I have to say reading your posts makes me feel very humble, and a little guilty. Mine is just general shitness rather than the stress you have had to go through. Here's to healthy, albeit unenjoyable, pregnancies, and the bundles of joy we should all get at the end!! xx
  • Hi ladies
    I just wanted to say that you are right, the prize at the end is the best thing ever! I write this at 5am looking at my 8 week old son gurgling in his moses basket after his last feed, he really is adorable (she says...!) Being a Mummy is the best feeling in the world - no-one can really explain it to you til you get there yourself.

    However, being pregnant (in my opinion!) is some of the hardest work you will ever have to do! Don't forget that your body is soley responsible for creating another complete human being! All of it's little ribs, skin, eyelashes, fingernails, arms, legs, fingers and toes! Every single little cell you are making! No wonder you feel sick/tired/bloated/crampy/spotty/hormonal/stressed, delete where applicable!
    Growing your bump is all down to you and no matter how shit you're feeling you really are doing a grand job!
    I've never been so ill as I was for the first half of my pregnancy but I promise that it's now a distant memory and it all seems worth it now my boy is here!
    It's perfectly normal to feel this way so don't feel guilty about it, it doesn't mean your baby is unloved or unwanted in any way, just that any pre-concieved idea's about sailing through pregnancy, blooming, without aches, pains and teenage zits returning are normally far removed from the reality!!
    Good luck with everything!
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm 20+2 and I am hating pretty much all of my pregnancy so far...I'm still having morning sickness and now my migraines have gone into overtime, I spent 2 days in bed this week in so much pain I couldn't even get up to go to the loo... I also have a problem with my lower back where I have no jelly stuff between two discs so they rub together which has sky rocketed since my bump has grown in size causing my back to completely seize and the pain has spread across my hips and I suffer numbness in my legs...

    I feel guilty about being so fed up as it has taken us 2 years to concieve and I've had two m/c along the way and we this pregnancy was our last chance as I could not go through anymore m/c...i am really grateful and I know it will be worth it in the end but I just feel so low at the moment, I think it doesn't help as the end seems so far away at the moment...

    Where's the blooming bit hoo....with my lo the morning sickness went at 12 weeks and I bounced through the rest of my pregnancy...this one couldn't be more different...

    Sorry for moaning but it feels better to get it off my chest as I'm sure friends and family would think I was being ungrateful!!!

    Happy Christmas everyone and I hope we all hit that blooming stage sometime soon...

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