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Hi all... I just thought that I would update you all as you have all been so kind to me this year... We went for the autopsy report yesterday... for the labour induced miscarriage I had in January... I was 20 weeks... When I delivered our baby the midwife saw a True Knot straight away in the umbilical cord... and said that she thought that was certainly the cause of the death... Well we found out yesterday that this was the correct reason... oh it was such a relief.. we were so worried that we were going to be told that it was something more serious and would affect us in the future... We saw the senior consultant and he said it is a very very rare freak act of nature... he sees only probably one case a year... about 1/1000 chance.. can you believe it... ! But we really were so relieved when we came out.. Ohh...and guess what we thought we had a boy and called him Charlie... well she was a girl..! Lucky we can se Charlie each way..!

Some of you might remember that I then fell pregnant again in Feb and sadly then found out last week that I had miscarried again... but I spoke to the consultant about this miscarriage and he said they wouldn't be connected at all... and that he really does advise with late miscarriages to be patient and wait the full three months... before trying again.. .as the body is just not ready...

I was booked in for a D&C today... but I actually miscarriage naturally yesterday - just after we got home from our appointment..! I have to say it was incredibly painful... but it was short and sharp and now it feels just like a very bad period... I am so pleased that I managed to pass it naturally it is a major relief - I thought I might feel a bit guilty if I went in for a D&C when nothing had happened... I would always feel like maybe we had all made a mistake an there was nothing wrong with the pregnancy.. .

Anyway - sorry this is so long... but I thought I would just let all you kind girls know that there is a happy end to the horrid 4 months we have had this year.. we feel really positive about the summer... we are going to just relax have fun and then think about babies in about August..!

Keep well and happy all of you...


  • Hi Annabel, really glad to hear that you have at least got the answers you wanted and that you are so positive about the future. I look forward to seeing you back on here later in the year!
    Kerry xx
  • Hi Annabel,
    I so pleased you got the answers you wanted and that you have dealt with it so well. All the best for the future hun.
    Take care.
  • Hello Luv! I am soo pleased for you that you have had results that show it shouldn't affect you having babies in the future and you seem so positive i'm sure it's good for you to have an acctual reason so it can help to deal and grieve... you take care honey and enjoy the summer months!

  • Sounds like you've had a tough couple of days Annabel but you're sounding positive and at least now you have some answers.
    Good luck with everything, keep us posted on how you're getting on. Suz x
  • i am so pleased uv got some closure. enjoy ur summer and good luck with everything.

    im sure i spk 4 every1 on this site wen i say we wish u both the best and keep us posted for august!

    elaine xx
  • Hi Annabel
    So pleased that the outcome was an extreme accident and it won't affect your chances of a healthy baby in the future. I can understand why you wanted to miscarry naturally also, I think I'd probably feel that too. It has been a tough year for you and I'm sure your special time will come before you know it, and hey what best time to try again then the hot summer months. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Good luck
    Take care
    Em x
  • Heya, glad you have finally got answers hunni and that your furture chances aren't affected. Looking forward to seeing you here again in the summer xxxxxx
  • Hello,
    I'm glad you finally have the answers you needed, I hope that they will enable you and your oh to look to the future. Good luck for the future-hope to hear from you again.
    Take care xx
  • Hi Annabel

    Glad that you got the best news you could have got in the circumstances and that losing Charlie wasn't due to anything hereditary.

    My mmc last year was incredibly painful as well, but like you I was relieved that I didn't need surgery in the end.

    Rest your body up hon and build your strength up. Fingers crossed for you for some really lovely news in the not to distant future.

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