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about 4D scans

Hi everyone!
Just hope somebody can anwser couple a Q for me please!we r having 4D scan next tue when al b 27+4 we r having it at babybond.would just like to no how many ppl are aloud in, how long they scan u for, how long ur dvd last ect!!we r getting the 2nd opiton scan.
Really can't wait to get scan wee neaky peek at ur wee girl!!
If anyone can help thanks for much!

Heidi 26+3 xx


  • Hello

    We had one last week, we were in there for about an hour in total as our little monster kept hiding under his arms, we did option 1 and the DVD is 16 minutes long. we had loads of pics... was fantastic and well worth it.

  • Hi ya, I did mine a few weeks ago, we were there for just over 2 hours, all the babies there that day were hiding! so we had to go for a walk and get chocolate to try and coax him out while the last couple went back in for another try! lol. It was well worth it in the end, we saw him smiling, holding his nose and poking his tongue out!
    I took three people with me, but they said 3 or 4 would be fine (the rooms are big, but our reception area was small)
    I got the dvd solo and they printed me 6 or so pictures and I got a 8 min vid, they asked if i wanted to buy the pics on cd rom for extra ??10 when I was there which I did as they are slightly better quality than the prints and in sepia colour....

    We went to Norbury in se london.

    Your going to love it x x x

    Bec 32 + 4
  • We had ours Saturday, Babybond Milton Keynes and all babies that day were not co-operating including ours, so were sent for cake and coffee, which worked a treat as he before hand kept putting his arms/hands in front of his face.

    Anyway we were in there about 45 mins, got a dvd approx 15 mins and lots of pics, and she even did spares for my son. In the room was enough space for around 5 people plus yourself.
    We had the option ??199 (option 1 is it?) got a A4 pic to and all pics on disk.
    Well worth the money in my opinion.

    p.s agree the recption area in our's to is very small enough for 5 people max!
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