F.A.O mrsgf

Hello. I see your from south africa too?

How far are you. And how far are you allowed to be to travel that far. and did your doctor not tell you off for travelling that far?

where in sa are you from?


  • Hi Tashy,

    I'm from Cape Town. I'm 9 weeks today image

    When I saw my GP she said it was fine to go back..got my booking in appoint on Thursday, hopefully the midwife will agree...
    I thought you shouldn't travel after 28 weeks...still got some time!

    Are you from SA as well?
  • Helo...

    i am from PE. My mother cant wait to see her grankid. I am 16 weeks so I think I will be cutting it a bit short. Where do you live in the uk. I'm in london.

    Will this be your first baby here?
  • Hiya,
    I know what you mean, my mother is super excited, although she's here in the UK..she's already booked her leave for next year to come and stay with us!

    We live in Watford and work in London - what about you?
    ..been here now over 10 years, going home in summer of 2009, cannot wait! The only depressing thing is now after this trip, who knows when we'll next be home...
    Are you here for good or do you have plans on going home?

    Yip, first baby, how about you?
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