Fantastic Midwife Unit

Hi all,

I just wanted to post this as we often hear negative things about NHS etc so thought i would share my story about my fab midwife unit.

Last night at about 9pm, after been to ASDA for a big shop with hubby, we were sat watching TV and eating a pizza (yum) when all of a sudden my left eye went blurry (started off being a really small blur) but then it got bigger and bigger and it had lots of like flashing bright lights around it. In the space of about 10 minutes it got really bad and was in both eyes and the blurriness spread and i couldnt even see in front of me. God i was so scared - didnt know what it was. So hubby rang NHS Direct who siad contact midwife urgently. So rang my midwife who said i should go to A&E to get checked out but then she said, no actually, she would come and check me out herself. We were told to go to the local midwife unit in 40 minutes as that is how far away she lives from us - which we did. She was brilliant - i thought i would just get blood pressure checked and then get sent away but no, she spent a good half an hour with us, did blood pressure twice, took wee sample, took more bloods (as i am on iron tablets for anemia), felt baby and listened to babys heart beat which were all fine. She then sat and asked lots of questions like had i been more tired than usual, stressed, eaten anything different etc. She was just great and it was nice to be reassured everything was okay with baby. No idea what set off my eyes like that but i was bloody scared for a while as i couldnt see and glad hubby was there as i wouldnt have been able to read the midwife;s number off my hospital notes!

The MW unit have even rang me twice this morning to check that i am feeling okay and had my eyesight returned to normal (which it has) and then said if i wanted to, i could come back in today and they would check me over again but i said i feel fine.

Its so lovely to have such caring midwives - i was so worried i was wasting their time as the midwife unit was closed and she had quite a long journey to get to me but she siad she would have been angry if i hadnt have rung her. I am now even more sure i have made the right choice in having my labour at the MW unit rather than the main hospital!


38 weeks today


  • Well they sound brill image

    My midwife is awful- cant even remember who i am half the time after ive been seeing her for 6 months !

    Wish my midwife was like urs xx and glad u r ok xx
  • Hey,

    I'm glad your mw are so good to you.

    I have has similar good experiences with my mw unit at the doctors and the hospital. They have been endlessly helpful whenever I have had questions, plus given me extra scans to "double check" everything is ok and that bubby is in fact a boy.

    I feel very lucky as I have heard some horror stories about other units

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