too much attention on bump from random guys in street-wierd

hi ladies
hope this doesnt offend anyone
but just wondering if anyone else getting wierd looks from random, usually wierd, guys int he street STARING or doubletaking at bump?? i even got cat called the other day - i felt like saying hello - im pregnant - whats up with you??? i guess i should be flattered - i woud be if they looked 'normal' guys lol but they are all soo freaky - creeps me out!!

no to set the scene - im no stunner and i am not walking around in fishnets and heels and tny skirts - today i am wearing a white tshirt, cargo bottoms and trainers, the other day i was out with my fiance and had no less than 5 guys staring at me big time, i was in cargos, trainers, floppy green and white stripe long sleeve top and grey cardi - not exactly stunning attire eh?? but still...!! i am not huge - 22 weeks mon but i guess enough of a bump to notice - clearly!!

ewww ewww ewww

anyone else think this is wrong or wierd - or anyone just tell me i am overreacting -thats fine too lol!!

jane n pink bump


  • hey take it as a compliment alot of guys liek to see pregnant ladies! is a bit strange like but hey made me giggle xx
  • lol
    i dont think i ever got this much attention before - oh well i guess its not the worst thing in the world to 'put up with'image
    j xxx
  • hey its better than them shouting whale type comments lol x
  • lol that made me giggle
    i am off sick from work at the mo due to an op- im a sec chool teacher - when i go back after easter i'll be almost 7 months so i am sure the little darlings can oblige with the whale type comments then haha!! oh the joys!!
    j x
  • haha! I've been getting this, I've had people come and ask me out, I did not expect any attention once pregnant at all but there has been lots of it and its a touch strange. Someone even made gestures when I was out with the oh.

    The only time I got horrid whale type comments was from a chav twat, whilst leaving the baby show who was with her mum and toddler, they had also obviously been to the baby show ???

    Pregnancy has been interesting to say the least.
  • alabaster - yes i expected any appeal i may have had to be in minus figures not to go through the roof when pregnant lol

    sounds like the chav was jealous to me

  • I noticed this from when I first got pregnant and it has continued (I'm now almost 30 wks). Say usually I'd get guys looking at me who were about a 7 out of 10, or below. The odd 8 maybe. Well not only do they all look and double take, but others totally out of my league do it too!! Told my DH who then really notices it too, it's so weird. Also, I'm almost 32 (told I look about 27/28) and would never have teenage boys look at me BUT THEY DO IT AS WELL!! LOL!! x
  • phew im glad its just not me giving off sth wierd lol
    feeling v reassured now
    but again time ol' statement ...bloody men ...whats up with em?image hahahaha
  • i have had this too its so weird my oh said its because you kind of have a happy glow about you lol he said its sexy hmm i just feel huge
    claire x
  • iv had this to and im a total man hater at the mo so i tend to tell them to fu.. off and leave me alone lol i really cant be doing with male attention i dont hink i will ever again i hate men hate thm all they shud all be drowned at birth lol xxx love ema 31 2 days
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